Bandit Quest: Smuggler's Warehouse

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When you arrive in the Smuggler's Warehouse (#1), the warehouse supervisor will pay you 2000 gp, but then the City Watch will break in and start raiding the place. The supervisor will tell you that the weapons shipment was divided into four parts (#2), and that you'll need to defend them all from the Watch. In reality, the quest isn't quite that complicated. Just like in other parts of the game, nothing here is timed, only triggered, and so nothing will happen at the shipment parts until you arrive there.

Note: You'll find 500 gp in the pile of gold on the table in front of the supervisor, so be sure to loot that before you rush off to deal with the City Watch.

Each time you defend a part of the weapons shipment, your journal will update to let you know. There isn't any way to fail in this defense, except to die, so don't worry about trying to protect the crates and barrels inside the warehouse. Let fly with whatever spells you want. Also feel free to loot whatever you find inside the crates and barrels.

After defending the shipment, you'll first have to report to Moire, and then you'll need to talk to Axle. Axle will reward you with 300 xp and 750 gp, and then he'll give you your next quest at Old Owl Well.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Part of the Weapons Shipment

  1. Exit to the Back Alley.
  2. Exit to the Merchant Quarter.