The Sea Ghost

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You'll receive a quest involving the Sea Ghost from both the City Watch and Axle and Moire after you've rescued the emissary from the orcs at Old Owl Well. The quest will be the same for both groups. You'll find the Sea Ghost docked at the middle pier (#1) in the Neverwinter Docks District.


"We Luskans travel where we want, when we want -- and if we want to land here in this filthhole of a city, then we will."

Apparently, Luskans aren't big on diplomacy. They won't particularly like or care what you might have to say, and so this mission will mostly involve fighting rather than talking. After you've dealt with the first wave of Luskan minions on the pier, a spellcaster named Ahja the Azure will appear with a second wave of minions. The minions won't last very long, and Ahja should prove easy enough once it's just him against your entire party.

Once you've damaged Ahja enough, he'll stop fighting, and he'll reveal that you're the reason he's here in Neverwinter. Apparently, you've foiled enough plans already that people want you dead. No shock there. The surprise will come when Ahja admits that he isn't working for Luskan; he's really working for Black Garius, the "master of the fifth tower" (and somebody you should recognize from several cutscenes).

After doing all that he can to advance the plot, Ahja will regain half of his health, and he'll begin attacking you again. But he won't suddenly become more powerful or anything, and so he should die just as quickly as before. When Ahja goes down, he'll drop a Quarterstaff +2 and the recipe book Accoutrements of Masterful Wizardry and Their Construction.

If you joined the City Watch, then when you return to Captain Brelaina in the Merchant Quarter, she'll reward you with 300 xp and 800 gp, and she'll give you your next mission: to deal with some assassins in the Githyanki Hideout.

If you're working for Axle and Moire, then when you return to Axle in his office in the Merchant Quarter, he'll reward you with 300 xp, and he'll tell you that some assassins have recently come to the city looking for you. He'll then order you to deal with these "visitors." You'll find them in the Githyanki Hideout.

1 - Sea Ghost Encounter

  1. Exit to the Back Alley.
  2. World exit.