True Name Meeting
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Area Note

In Act III, the first few times you walk around Crossroad Keep, a man named Khralver Irlingstar will try to speak with you, but your companions will always shoo him away. When you finally do talk to him (he'll be standing next to Wolf at the keep entrance), he'll tell you that Sydney Natale, the Luskan Ambassador, has found a weakness in the shadow reavers, and that she'd like to impart this knowledge to you, provided that you don't mind meeting her in an isolated location with only Qara and Zhjaeve at your side. When you agree to the request, Khralver will teleport you, Qara and Zhjaeve to the meeting place.


When you arrive at the isolated forest location, nothing will happen right away, so if you haven't used Qara or Zhjaeve very much, you'll have a chance to level them up and perhaps give them some equipment (you might want to do this before leaving). You'll also have a chance to click on the nearby ore vein and claim the ore for your keep.

When you talk to Khralver, Sydney Natale and an associate of hers named Jalboun will show up, and they'll send Khralver away. Sydney will tell you that she has learned the true names of the shadow reavers, but that she cannot pronounce them. When she learns that Zhjaeve can pronounce them, she'll decide that Zhjaeve is worthy of life, but that you and Qara are not.

To start off, Sydney will summon an animus elemental to attack you (this will make more sense if you've been following Qara's quest line), and when that fails, she and Jalboun will turn on you. If you offer to double Jalboun's wages, then he'll switch sides, and if you can keep him alive in the upcoming battle, then you'll be able to offer him a job at Crossroad Keep as a sergeant (if instead you pay him 1000 gp, then he'll disappear).

Sydney Natale can be difficult to kill. She'll summon allies to help her, and she'll teleport around and regenerate her health. However, after teleporting about five times, she'll stop doing it, and you'll be able to kill her. A single greater missile storm can take away about half of her health, so if you keep Qara attacking Sydney and Zhjaeve healing Qara, then you should be able to make it through the encounter well enough.

After the battle, you'll find a Ring of Power and the recipe book Deflections and Dispellings on Sydney's corpse, and Zhjaeve will automatically grab the True Name Scroll.

Exiting the meeting location will return you to Crossroad Keep. Zhjaeve and Ammon Jerro will take the opportunity to squabble for a bit, but then they'll decide that they should both carry a True Name Scroll, and so you'll be able to use either companion when you face shadow reavers in the future. Then when you talk to Kana inside the keep, she'll let you know that your scouts have found a Shadow Reaver Camp, and she'll mark the location of the camp on the world map.