City Watch Quest: Fihelis' Estate

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For this quest, Captain Brelaina will tell you that the City Watch's best informant might have been compromised, and she'll ask you to bring him in. You'll find the informant, Fihelis, in his estate in the Merchant Quarter.

However, when you reach the estate, you'll discover that Moire's thugs are already there, and you'll have to fight your way through them to reach Fihelis (#2). Then when you get to Fihelis, you'll find Moire with him. No matter what you say, Moire and her men will attack you. Moire hits hard, and she has a lot of hit points, but her men will die quickly, and once it's Moire against your entire party, she shouldn't be able to stay up long. When Moire dies, she'll drop a Moonstone Mask and a Rapier +3.

Fihelis won't say much when you talk to him, although you can shake him down for 2000 gp if you want to. You can also intimidate him into giving up a cache of gems, which you'll then find outside in the park. When you say "let's get moving" to Fihelis, you'll be teleported to the City Watch Headquarters building in the Merchant Quarter, and that will end the quest.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Fihelis

3 - Vault

From what we can tell, you'll only be able to enter the vault if you enter the estate while working for Moire and Axle.

  1. Front door.
  2. Stairs between the first two floors.