Shandra's Farm (Second Visit)

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When you arrive at the farm, you'll witness some githyanki chasing Shandra into her house. "Things have turned out well for us, my brothers -- the girl and the kalach-cha both within our reach." You'd think the githyanki would be a little less excited about running into you, given how you keep killing them, but they'll stop to attack you anyway.

After the short scuffle outside the house, you'll need to go into the house to rescue Shandra. You'll first find Shandra near the back door (Exit B), but then she'll run into her bedroom (#1). Shandra won't exactly be happy to see you, since bad things always seem to happen when you arrive. Right on cue the githyanki will set fire to her house.

When you follow Shandra outside, you'll have to fight some more githyanki, but eventually you'll convince her to follow you to the Sunken Flagon in Neverwinter. However, when you get there and continue your conversation with her, Shandra won't really know anything about Ammon Jerro's Haven, and so you'll be back to square one.

That night, the githyanki will attack the Sunken Flagon. You won't have any companions with you, but they'll all be in the Flagon, and they'll all help in defeating the invaders. But note: you'll only gain xp for the githyanki where you land the killing blow, so it's advantageous to kill as quickly as possible.

After the battle, you'll learn that the githyanki kidnapped Shandra. Duncan will call in a marker, and Bishop will agree to help you follow the kidnappers. If you decide you need more time before starting your pursuit, then talking to Bishop again should bring up the dialogue option to leave. When you do finally leave, you'll be transported to Ember.

Note: If you leave the Sunken Flagon, then Bishop will no longer offer to take you to Ember. But Ember will appear on the world map (north of Neverwinter), allowing you to simply walk there.

1 - Shandra's Bedroom

  1. Front door.
  2. Back door.