Glowstone Caverns

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Ulip

A goblin named Ulip will challenge you when you reach this spot. If you're nice to him, then he'll tell you that the goblins killed an intruder recently, and he'll allow you to visit his chieftain Glek (#3). Sand will speculate that the intruder might have been one of the thugs who attacked Ember. If you're not nice to Ulip, then he and the other goblins in the caverns will attack you. If you kill Ulip, then he'll drop a Gladiator's Club +1.

3 - Glek

Glek will tell you that the intruder (see #2) was powerful, but that the goblins were able to defeat him thanks to the magic of their Glowstone (#4). Glek will also tell you that they burnt the intruder, and that all that remains now is his skull and a ring that he wore. When you tell Glek that you'd like the ring, he'll make a deal with you. If you can kill the spiders (#5) who have built a nest too close to the goblin encampment, then he'll give you the ring.

After dealing with the spiders, when you return to Glek, he'll give you 750 xp and a signet ring. Sand will recognize the ring as belonging to the Circle of Blade, "a group of murderers native to Luskan." If you decide to kill Glek instead, then you'll find a Staff of Power, a helmet named The Regal, a trophy skull, and the signet ring on his corpse.

4 - Glowstone / Pool

You can pick up the Glowstone here (#4), but if you do then all of the goblins in the caverns will turn hostile.

If you have Grobnar in your party, then when you get close to the pool of water (#4a) on the opposite side of the Glowstone, he'll take a sample of the water, and you'll receive a vial of glowstone water. The vial can be used to repair the Construct you found in the Githyanki Base. See Grobnar's character page for more information.

5 - Glow Spiders

You'll find about half a dozen glow spiders in the tunnel here.

6 - Kistrel

Kistrel is a giant spider. When you approach it, it will ask you for food, but you will only recognize the request if you are a drow or if you have Elanee in your party. If you bring Kistrel the insect collection from Duskwood, then it will offer to become your friend. If you accept the offer, then you'll gain 1100 xp, and you'll see the spider again at Crossroad Keep. If you tell the spider it's on its own, then you'll only receive 1000 xp. If you decide to kill Kistrel, then you'll earn about 200 xp, but the spider won't drop anything.

7 - Corpse

You'll find the heavy crossbow Glorious Revolution on the corpse.

8 - Ore

You'll receive 50 xp when you click on the vein of ore.

  1. Exit to Ember.
  2. Exit to Duskwood.