Nolaloth's Valley

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Area Note

In order to leave for this area, you'll be required to have Zhjaeve in your party, and you won't be allowed to have Ammon Jerro in your party.


All you'll need to do in this valley is to talk to the dead crystal dragon Nolaloth (#4), and learn from him how the silver sword can be reformed. Nolaloth won't really tell you the answer, just that the act will require an effort of will, and that you'll need to go to the scar on the ground in West Harbor to complete the task. To reach West Harbor, you'll have to pass through the Song Portal in Arvahn.

At the end of the conversation, you'll earn 1000 xp, and Nolaloth will ask you to kill him. To do this, you'll need to destroy his crystal heart (#3). However, when you attack the heart (by right-clicking on it and selecting "bash"), two black dragons will swoop down to defend it. The black dragons are easier than the red dragon Tholapsyx on Mount Galadrym, but since there are two of them, they can still cause you some problems.

Black dragons breathe acid, so casting energy immunity (acid) before fighting them is a good idea. You should also think about spells like haste and (greater) stoneskin and regeneration when preparing for them. Once the battle starts, missile storms are the best way to go.

If you have trouble with the dragons, then you might want to go straight for the crystal heart. Destroying the heart will cause the dragons to die, but you won't receive any xp for their deaths. If you kill the dragons the regular way, then you'll receive about 400 xp each. Regardless of how you deal with the dragons, you'll receive 500 quest xp for defeating them, and you'll receive 2000 xp more once you've broken the crystal heart.

When you loot the bodies of the black dragons, you'll find some good loot: two Rings of Elemental Resistance, two Amulets of Natural Armor +4, a Greater Necklace of Fireballs, a Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals, and the Sly Blade.

"A creature with compassion... my last wonder, before oblivion."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Veins of Ore

You'll find two veins of ore in the valley. If you click on them both, then you'll claim them for Crossroad Keep, and you'll earn 100 xp.

3 - Crystal Heart

You'll find a large crystal heart floating over a pool of water here. To break the heart, you'll first need to talk to Nolaloth (#4), and then you'll need to right-click on the heart and select "bash" from the menu that pops up. Two black dragons will defend the heart, but they are optional. Breaking the heart will kill them as well, although you'll receive about 400 xp each if you kill them on your own.

After breaking the heart, you can pick up a Crystal Heart Shard from the crystal heart fragments. The shard is a useful crafting item.

4 - Nolaloth

  1. World exit.