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Area Note

Skymirror is a part of Elanee's quest line. See her character page for more information.

If Elanee isn't in your party when you travel to Skymirror, then you'll be forced to adjust your party makeup, and Elanee will join you when you reach Skymirror. In version 1.02, there is a bug in this. When adjusting your party so you can travel to Skymirror, you'll be allowed to select three companions, and then Elanee will join you, giving you four companions in total. Normally, you'd be restricted to three companions early in the game, and then only gain access to four in Act II.

You'll only be able to visit Skymirror during Act I.


Skymirror is a small puzzle area. Elanee will warn you of "challenges" and "seals" and "guardians," but the area isn't really that complicated. If you look at the four old worn trees nearby (#2), then you'll notice a symbol on each one, and Elanee will tell you that "it requires a spell of nature to unlock it." The pairing between symbols and spells should be pretty obvious:
Massive bull = Bull's Strength
Leaping panther = Cat's Grace
Man's face that looks half wooden and half flesh = Barkskin
Owl perched on a high limb = Owl's Wisdom
To activate the Skymirror (#3), you'll just need to cast all four of the above spells on their associated trees. Elanee can cast all of the above spells (they're all level 2 druid spells), although you might need to adjust her spellbook and then have her rest first before she'll be able to cast them.

Note: If you're not sure that you're doing it right, click on each tree after you've had Elanee cast a spell. You should get a message that "the surface of the tree is only bark now."

After casting the four spells, when you click on one of the trees, a piece of bark (the Skymirror Offering) will fall into your hand. Then when you approach the Skymirror, you'll start a conversation with Naevan, an elder druid from Elanee's Circle. Naevan will know less about what's going on than you, although he'll suspect that it might have something to do with the King of Shadows. Then he'll leave to investigate the matter, and you'll earn 400 xp.

After the conversation, the atmosphere of the glade will shift, and Elanee will declare that you're no longer welcome there. As you make your way to the world exit (W), you'll encounter a few elementals and ghasts, and then right near the exit, you'll be confronted by a shadow priest and a half dozen mercenaries. The shadow priest will announce that he's come for Elanee, but he won't stand a chance, and he'll drop a Scimitar +2 and a Light Shield +1 when he dies.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Old Worn Tree

3 - Skymirror

  1. World exit.