Bandit Quest: Fihelis' Estate

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Axle and Moire will give you two ways to complete this quest. Axle will want you to sneak in, deal with Fihelis (#3), and then sneak back out. Moire will want you to kill everybody.

Outside of the estate, you'll run into two City Watchmen. Either through diplomacy or violence, you can acquire their City Watch Cloaks. The City Watchmen inside the estate will start out neutral. As long as the character you're controlling is wearing a City Watch Cloak (and doesn't try to loot any containers), then they'll stay neutral.

However, on the second floor, you'll meet a sergeant (#2) who won't be fooled by your disguise. There's probably a way to handle him diplomatically, but nothing worked for us (we didn't even see any skill checks), and when he attacked us, all of the Watchmen on the second floor turned hostile.

When you reach Fihelis, you'll be given a choice: to kill him or to let him live. If you kill him, nothing much will happen. He probably won't even drop any loot. But if you let him live, then he'll pay you 1000 gp right away, and, if you ask for more, he'll tell you the location of a cache of gems in the park (where you can find a half dozen gems). So if you're interested in money, it's far better to let Fihelis live than to kill him. As far as we can tell, nothing in the game will change based on your decision here.

When you return to Axle in his office in the Merchant Quarter, he'll reward you with 300 xp, and then he'll give you your next task: to deal with a Luskan mage about the Sea Ghost.

1 - Starting Point

2 - City Watch Sergeant

3 - Fihelis

4 - Vault

Outside of the vault, you'll meet a City Watchman. If you can convince him to leave, then he'll give you a vault key, which you can then use to enter and plunder the vault (where you'll find about 1000 gp). If you slip up in your conversation with the City Watchman, then he'll discover that you're not with the City Watch, and he'll attack you. The City Watchman won't drop the vault key when he dies, and you'll only be able to enter the vault with the key, so if your character isn't at least a little diplomatic, then you'll miss out on the loot.

  1. Front door.
  2. Stairs between the first two floors.