Highcliff Castle Ruins

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1 - Starting Point

2 - William

If you talked to Juni in Highcliff, then you should have received a quest to track down her husband William. This is where you'll find him. However, William won't want to be found. That will give you two ways to handle the quest. You can accept a 100 gp bribe from William and then lie to Juni and say that William is dead, or else you can convince William to go back home and collect a 200 gp reward from Juni. For both cases you'll earn up to 300 xp in total (75 when you talk to William, 150 when you return to Juni, and then 75 more if Juni leaves happy).

3 - Andrew and Alex

If you accepted the quest from Gera and Zachan in Highcliff, then this is where you'll find their son Andrew and his friend Alex. After killing the wolves that have them cornered, when you talk to the children, they'll tell you that they came to the castle ruins in hopes of adventure after Zachan filled their heads with stories of how you "fought off a thousand lizardmen and evil dwarves an' stuff." At the end of the conversation, the boys will return home.

Back at Highcliff, when you return to Gera and Zachan, they'll thank you for rescuing their son, and they'll reward you with Zachan's Amulet and 100 xp. If you demand a better reward, they'll give you 100 gp as well.

4 - Slaan

Just outside the castle, you'll come across a lizardman fighting a trio of zombies. After the battle, the lizardman will introduce himself as Slaan, and he'll ask you for your help against the undead in the castle. Slaan will admit that he and his clan are the ones responsible for sinking the ships in Highcliff, and so you'll have two options here: to kill Slaan and defeat the lizardfolk through force of arms, or to help Slaan and try to resolve the matter peacefully.

Note: One of the zombies attacking Slaan will drop Gloves of the Yellow Rose +1 when it dies.

If you decide to kill Slaan...

... then on his body you'll find a map to the Lizardfolk Cave, which will then show up on the world map. Since Slaan's map will reveal the origin of the lizardfolk threat, you won't have any required reason to enter the castle ruins, but you should do it anyway, just to pick up some extra loot and xp.

When you arrive at the Lizardfolk Cave, you'll have to fight your way to the lizardfolk chieftain. He'll automatically attack you, but his death will end Highcliff's problems with the lizardfolk. When you relay this news to Elder Mayne in Highcliff, he'll reward you with 400 xp, and he'll re-open the port. Then to move on to Neverwinter, you'll just need to talk to him at the docks.

Note: This path will net you more equipment and about 1000 more xp than the other path.

If you decide to help Slaan...

... then he'll begin following you, and together you'll have to battle the undead inside the castle ruins. When you reach the lizardfolk (#6), Slaan will decide that you've kept your side of the bargain, and he'll offer to take you to his chieftain. If you decline his offer so that you can continue exploring the castle, then you'll need to talk to him again get him to repeat the offer. To talk to Slaan, click and hold down the right mouse button on him. That will cause a menu to pop up, and you'll be able to use the menu to initiate a conversation.

When you accept Slaan's offer to visit his chieftain, you'll be teleported to the Lizardfolk Cave, and there you'll start a conversation with the chieftain. You can choose your dialogue so that you start a fight with the lizardfolk, but if that's your goal it's easier to fight Slaan when you first meet him. Thus, you should try and negotiate with the lizardfolk, and this should be straightforward since no diplomacy or bluff checks are required.

The chieftain will agree to stop sinking the ships at Highcliff, if the citizens of Highcliff will leave the lizardfolk alone. You'll then be teleported back to Highcliff, where you'll need to convince the elder to accept the deal. Just like in dealing with the chieftain, no skill checks are required for the conversation, and so the elder should agree readily enough. Once he does, you'll receive 400 xp, and you'll be allowed to take a ship to Neverwinter.

5 - Zombie Priest

When you approach the room with the shadow priest, you'll trigger a cutscene where you'll listen in on the priest and Black Garius having a conversation. Among other things, the pair will reveal that they're working for the King of Shadows. Then the priest and four zombie adventurers will attack you.

After the battle, you'll uncover quite a bit of loot. On the shadow priest's body you'll find an Amulet of Vitality +2 and the recipe book Fundamentals of Protections for the Self. On one of the adventurer's bodies you'll find Mozah's Backpay, which you'll need to complete Mozah's quest in Highcliff. And in the locked and trapped chest in the back of the room, you'll find Nasher's Nimble Boots and a Shadow Priest Journal. The journal will let you know that the shadow forces plan to march against Fort Locke and Highcliff in the near future.

6 - Lizardfolk

You'll find some lizardfolk barricaded in this room. If you killed Slaan (#4), then you'll have to kill these lizardfolk, too. If you decided to work with Slaan, then the lizardfolk here won't be thrilled to see you, but they'll go along with Slaan's plan, and they'll leave for the Lizardfolk Cave.

7 - Skeletal Corpse

You'll find a skeletal corpse in this room. If you click on it, you'll simply get the message "Target has no items or gold." We've never heard of a purpose for the corpse.

  1. Entrance to the castle ruins.
  2. World exit.