Circle of the Mere

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Area Note

When you leave for the Circle of the Mere, you'll be required to have Elanee in your party. If Bishop isn't in your party, then he'll join you when you arrive (even if it means that you'll have five companions).


As soon as you've taken a couple of steps into the area, a cutscene will start up. You'll witness a group of druids, led by Vashne, trying to convince Naeven (#2) to acquiesce to their ways, and to tend to this new shadow version of the Mere. "Stop clinging to what the Mere was and accept it for what it is now."

Then the druids will notice you and Elanee, but it won't really matter what you say. Eventually, it will come to a fight, and even if Elanee fails her influence check with you, she'll still stay on your side.

You'll have to fight several druids and dire creatures, but the battle should not be overly difficult, provided that you spread out your characters and put at least one melee fighter on Vashne. You'll find the Blacksoul Sickle on Vashne's remains and some basic +1/+3 magical weapons on the other remains.

After the battle, Naevan will decide to go off on his own. It isn't possible to form an alliance with the druids. If you have a negative influence with Elanee, then she might take this opportunity to leave your party and join Naevan. If that happens, then you can either let her go or you can kill her. If you kill her, then expect large swings in influence with your other companions (negative or positive, depending on their alignment).

1 - Starting Point

If you lied to Daerred's adventuring party (at Crossroad Keep) and sent them to the Mere of Dead Men, then you'll find their corpses here when you arrive.

2 - Naevan

  1. World exit.