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As you make your way through the campaign, from time to time you'll stumble upon veins of ore. Each time you click on a vein, you'll earn 50 xp, but you won't learn what the veins are good for until Act II when you visit Crossroad Keep.

Listed below are the 16 locations where you can find veins of ore.

Act I
Bonegnasher Clan (#6, #8)
Eyegouger Clan (#6, #6a)
Dwarven Scouts (#7)

Act II
Ember (Exit A)
Glowstone Caverns (#8)
Crossroad Keep Escape Tunnel (#2)

True Name Meeting
Strange Clearing (#2)
Road to Highcliff (a special encounter on the way to Highcliff)
Mount Galardrym (#2, #6, #8)
Nolaloth's Valley (#2)