City Watch Quest: Smuggler's Warehouse

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After confiscating the weapons shipment in the Back Alley, when you return to the City Watch Headquarters building in the Merchant Quarter, Captain Brelaina will ask you to deal with the smugglers who were supposed to have received the shipment. You'll find the smugglers in the Smuggler's Warehouse, located in the northwestern corner of the Merchant Quarter.

Inside the Smuggler's Warehouse, you'll find a bunch of thugs to kill and crates to loot. The battles will all go about the same -- until you reach the back of the warehouse, where you'll face off against Barlowe, the warehouse supervisor. Barlowe is a spellcaster, but he'll have some crates between him and you, and so he'll be able to fling spells at you without interruption until you can break the crates and get to him.

The best way to deal with Barlowe is to draw off his support. Several thugs will be standing around near Barlowe, and if you try to kill them while destroying the crates, then Barlowe's spells will probably rip you apart before you can get to him. But since Barlowe's crates will lock him in as well as protect him, you can use one character as bait to lure the thugs around a corner, where you can deal with them like you've dealt with all of the other thugs in the warehouse. And then you can fight Barlowe alone, where he probably won't last long.

Barlowe won't drop anything when he dies, but on the table next to him, you'll find some documents. Clicking on the documents will effectively complete the quest. If you have Neeshka with you, then she'll want to loot the warehouse. If you let her go, then she'll find the Shining Light of Lathander for you and the Nightthief's Nimbleknife for herself. If you ask her if that's all she found, and then make a skill / influence check, she'll admit to finding a ruby, too, and she'll give it to you.

Note: If you accuse Neeshka of hiding equipment before she's had a chance to mention the blade that she found for herself, then she'll never mention it, and the Nightthief's Nimbleknife won't appear in her inventory.

When you exit the warehouse, you'll run into Sir Damon and some soldiers of the Neverwinter Nine. No matter how polite or rude you are to them, the conversation will go about the same, although in some cases they'll ask you if you know of any good taverns. Oddly, if you recommend the Sunken Flagon, you'll become more chaotic.

"I am not cleaning the tables after them. I'd sooner torch the place. I'm warning you."

When you return to Captain Brelaina, she'll reward you with 300 xp, and she'll give you your next quest.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Barlowe

  1. Exit to the Merchant Quarter.