The Mere of Dead Men

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find Gloves of Concentration (just like in your first trip through the area).

3 - Guardian Ruins

When you enter the Guardian Ruins, you'll be just in time to see a shadow reaver destroy the Statue of Purification. For some reason the reaver will be talkative, and while it will brag that it can't be killed, it will also mention that somebody else has already used the statue, and so all is not lost -- provided that you can defeat the reaver here.

Despite a menacing appearance, the shadow reaver should not be all that difficult to defeat (you'll have more trouble with later reavers). The reaver will receive help from two shadow priests, two greater shadows, and two dread wraiths, but most of these won't stand up well to area-effect spells, and since they'll all charge at you, you should be able to hit them all at once.

After the battle, you'll find a variety of good loot on the remains, including the quarterstaff Remembrance (x2), a Hearth Shield, an Amulet of Electrical Resistance, Ichthia's Neck-Knife, and Robes of the Shining Hand +4. In the back of the ruins, you should also notice another song portal. This one will take you back to Arvahn.

Your next stop should be to talk to Aldanon at Crossroad Keep (which might require that you build the library extension in the keep). He'll tell you, in his own roundabout way, that he has discovered the location of Ammon Jerro's Haven, and the haven will appear on the world map.

  1. Exit to West Harbor.