Port Llast (Act III)

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There are only two reasons to visit Port Llast in Act III: Light of Heavens (#2) and Enleva and Noduab (#4). You'll need to meet Light of Heavens three times before you'll be able to recruit him for your keep. Enleva and Noduab will show you how to reach the Wendersnaven.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Light of Heavens

Light of Heavens is a potential sergeant for you at Crossroad Keep. You'll have to meet her three times to recruit her (see the Light of Heavens section for the locations), and each time you meet her, she'll test you in a one-on-one duel. The best way to deal with the duel is to prepare for it beforehand. Since you'll know when and where the fight will take place, you can cast spells like acid fog and haste and regenerate before talking to her, and in that way make the battle easier for yourself. Once you've defeated Light of Heavens, she'll leave.

If you identify yourself as evil, then instead of testing you, Light of Heavens will simply attack you. If that happens, then defeating her will kill her, and you won't be able to recruit her for your keep. Light of Heavens will drop a Bastard Sword +3, a Heavy Shield +5, and a Greater Cloak of Protection vs Evil when she dies.

3 - The Cracked Anvil

Just like in Act II, you'll find this shop inhabited by Yask, who sells armor, and Haljal Throndor, who sells weapons.

4 - Enleva and Noduab

If you have Grobnar in your party, and if you talk to Enleva and Noduab three times, then Grobnar will finally figure out what "the sages of yes and no" are saying, and he'll ask them about the Wendersnaven. This will lead to you asking them some yes or no questions, but it won't really matter what you say; eventually you'll get fed up with the duo and walk away.

However, as you're leaving, Enleva will ask Noduab, "I wonder why they didn't just ask for the map?" When you return, they'll allow you to look at the map, and Grobnar will figure out what it means and mark the Strange Clearing on the world map.

5 - Nya

  1. World exit.