Lizardfolk Cave

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Area Note

This location will only appear on the world map if you killed Slaan at the Highcliff Castle Ruins.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Containers

In the two containers here, you'll find the morningstar One of Many and the Heart of the Beast.

3 - Lizardfolk Chieftain

You'll have to battle a lizardfolk chieftain, a lizardfolk shaman, and a few lizardfolk warriors in this room. The lizardfolk shaman will drop a Major Circlet of Blasting.

4 - Treasure Room

This is sort of a sad treasure room, but on the weapon rack you can pick up a Ravager +1.

  1. Cave entrance.
  2. Cave exit. This exit will take you to the same place as Exit A on the outside part of the map.
  3. World exit.