Crossroad Keep Battle
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The battle at Crossroad Keep will take place in several parts. You'll start out in the war room, and once again Kana will ask you to choose two companions (with once again the Construct not being available). Each companion will be given control of a unit of your choice. The Ironfist fighters appear to be the best unit, but it doesn't really matter which you pick because the units will probably die and be randomly replaced a few times during the upcoming battles.

Before leaving the war room, Kana will also give you a Rod of Resurrection. You should give the rod to your toughest character, and use it if any of your characters "die" during the battle.

The Walls

The fighting will start on the walls of the keep. Enemy siege towers will periodically dock with the walls and start releasing undead creatures for you to fight. To stop the creatures from appearing, you'll need to attack the towers and destroy them.

Note: If you press your highlighting key (usually Z), the siege towers will glow red, and so you'll be able to see them as they approach.

Obviously, you should target the siege towers as quickly as possible. You'll get a lot of help from your off-screen allies (who will shoot fireballs and arrows at the enemies), but you'll still need to do a lot of damage yourself, and area spells like fireball and earthquake will take down groups of enemies and towers relatively quickly. Just realize that you won't be able to rest while you're on the walls, and so you'll need to dole out your spells carefully to make them last. You'll need to take down six towers.

The Courtyard

Once you've defended the walls from the siege towers, the King of Shadows will send his troops to attack the front gate. The gate will appear to hold... but then Bishop will betray you, no matter how much influence you've gained with him, and he'll open up the gate and leave you for the undead army.

Once again Kana will show up and ask you to choose two companions to help you in the keep's defense, once again you'll need to choose some units to assist you, and once again it won't really matter which units you select because when they die they'll just be replaced by random units.

Note: You and your companions will "rest" after the battle on the walls, so if you used a spellcaster on the walls, it's safe to use him or her again here.

For the battle in the courtyard, the King of Shadows will send vampires, giant skeletons, dread wraiths and more against you. We're not sure how many enemies you'll need to kill, but it's a lot, so you'll need to hang in there for a while. Probably the only things you'll need to watch for are the vampire mages. They'll stand at the gate and fling spells at you, so you'll need to go and get them right away.

The Nightwalker

Eventually, after you've been fighting in the courtyard for a while, Black Garius will show up and summon the King of Shadows' avatar -- the Nightwalker. If Ammon Jerro and Zhjaeve weren't in your party before, then they'll join you for the fight.

At this point, although it might look like you're fighting both the Nightwalker and Black Garius, you'll only be fighting the Nightwalker. Black Garius can't be killed yet, and reciting the True Name Scroll on him won't do anything. But once you've killed the Nightwalker (which seemed disturbingly easy to us), a cutscene will start up where you'll recite Garius' true name and drive him away. All of the undead creatures will then become vulnerable to sunlight again, and the battle at Crossroad Keep will come to a sudden, fiery end.

"The day is ours. You have done well, better than we could have hoped. Your leadership has saved this keep and preserved the lives of many soldiers. Lord Nasher thanks you... as do I."