Riverguard Keep

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1 - Sarcophagus

If you click on the sarcophagus, then you'll see an inscription that refers to Jernelle and her Blade, Shield, and Scepter. This is a hint for how to open the Master's Door (#12).

2 - Locked Door

This door will be locked when you first come to it, but it will unlock when you approach it from the south (via Exit D).

3 - Storage Room

If you loot the locked and trapped chest in the room, you'll find a Staff of Defense.

4 - Ralidor

Inside this room you'll find the bugbear leader Ralidor, plus a few bugbear minions. If you talk to Ralidor, then he'll inform you that the ogre mage Ghellu (#11) tricked him, and that instead of finding treasure in this keep, all he's found is "dust and silence." He'll then make you a deal: if you agree to kill Ghellu, then the bugbears will leave you alone. After the conversation, Ralidor and the bugbears will leave the keep and wait for you outside

If you bring Ralidor Ghellu's Head, then nothing much will happen, but Ralidor and the bugbears will move back inside the keep (near the entrance). If you talk to them there, then you might be able to convince Ralidor to give up The Master's Sword. Otherwise you'll have to fight him for it. If you decide to fight Ralidor at any time, then he'll drop a Darksteel Heavy Shield and The Master's Blade when he dies, and you'll also find a Feywarden Crossbow on one of the bugbear corpses.

5 - Weapon Rack

You can pick up a Feyduster +2 from the weapon rack.

6 - Goblins

You'll encounter a few goblins in this room. One of them might drop the recipe book Advanced Abjuratives when it dies.

7 - Ribsmasher

Inside this room you'll meet a crazy guy named Ribsmasher. If you let him loose, then you'll gain 100 xp, and he'll run around the level attacking any enemies that he finds (he'll also bash open doors and chests, so you might want to clear the level before freeing him). If Ribsmasher survives, then you might see him again on level 3 (#12). If you kill Ribsmasher, then you'll earn about 90 xp when he dies, and you'll find Gloves of the Long Death +3 on his remains.

8 - Ogre Chieftain

The ogre chieftain will drop The Master's Shield when it dies. You can also pick up a Brawler's Belt from a chest in the room.

9 - Weapon Rack

You'll find Ula's Heart inside the weapon rack.

10 - Bookcase

You'll find The Book of Banes inside the bookcase.

11 - Ghellu

Ghellu is an ogre mage. He'll start out neutral. If you're polite to him, then he'll ask you to kill Uthanck (in Arvahn), which means that you'll also have to kill Ralidor (#4), and so you'll have to decide which group to support. If you're feeling violent, you can also kill all three groups.

If you do as Ghellu asks, then you'll receive 2500 gp, 1500 xp, and The Master's Scepter, and Ghellu will send goblins at the Master's Door (#12) until it opens. If you attack Ghellu, then all of the goblins on the level will turn hostile, but you'll find the Nomad's Ring, a Bone Ring, a Gemsword, Ghellu's Head, and The Master's Scepter on their corpses.

12 - The Master's Door

This is a puzzle door, and there are a few ways to get through it:
  • Just keep trying to open the door. Each attempt will damage you, but on the fifth try the door will open.
  • If Ribsmasher (#7) survived, then after you've attempted to go through the door once, he'll show up and offer to smash down the door for you. If you let him go through with it, then he'll die but the door will open (however, Ribsmasher won't leave any remains behind, so you won't be able to get his Gloves of the Long Death +3 this way).
  • If you have The Master's Shield (#8), The Master's Sword (#4), and The Master's Scepter (#11), then the door will recognize you as the Master, and it will let you pass.
  • If you killed Uthanck for Ghellu (#11), then Ghellu will send goblins at the door until it opens.

13 - Statue of Purification

When you approach the statue, you'll receive the Shining Shield blessing, which will briefly protect your party from cold and negative energy damage. If you want to hotkey this blessing, you can find it listed with your history feats.

  1. Exit from the keep.
  2. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.
  3. Stairs between levels 2 and 3.
  4. Stairs between levels 1 and 3.