Dwarven Scouts

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Area Note

This area won't appear on the world map until after you've visited Old Owl Well.

This area is a part of Khelgar's story arc. If he isn't in your party when you arrive here, then you'll find him here with the other dwarves (#1), and you'll be forced to add him to your party.


1 - Starting Point / Khulmar Ironfist

Despite being in the same clan as Khelgar, Khulmar won't exactly welcome you with open arms. In fact, he'll basically call Khelgar an outsider and berate him for ignoring his clan while pursuing his "mad" quest to become a monk. But then Khulmar will let you know what's going on in the area: that the Ironfist Clan is trying to re-open an old stronghold here, but that they're having trouble with bugbears.

If the argument between Khulmar and Khelgar rings some bells, it's because it fits in with the Trial of the Maimed (see Khelgar's character page for more information), where Khelgar has to make amends for wounding somebody in his past. You'll be able to accomplish this, at least in part, by exploring the area and finding the Gauntlets of Ironfist (#10).

Once you've found the gauntlets and returned to Khulmar, Khulmar will forgive Khelgar for his transgressions, and he'll reward you with 300 gp. Then he and the other dwarven scouts will leave the area.

2 - Dwarf Bait

You'll find a dead dwarven scout here. When you approach it, eight bugbears will jump out of the bushes and attack you.

3 - Chest

You'll find a Canaith Mandolin plus a few other items inside the chest.

4 - Khayar Ironfist

You'll discover Khayar Ironfist here locked in a cage. After the nearby bugbears get through discussing how they're going to cook him, they'll notice you and attack. After the battle, Khayar will disappear, but you'll see him again later.

5 - Gruum

As soon as you enter the clanhold, you'll overhear Gruum (#5) talking to some bugbears. He'll discuss tracking down sneaking dwarves and working with orcs, but then he'll notice you, and he'll order the bugbears to attack. Gruum, however, will retreat deeper into the clanhold, and you'll have to fight him and Grishk later (#5a). When they die, Gruum will drop a Watchman's Club, and Grishk will drop Studded Leather Armor +2. You'll also find a chest in the room, and from it you can pick up Greater Boots of Tumbling.

6 - Part Chest

Inside the "part chest," you'll find a strange part. You'll need the part to open a door later in the clanhold (#9).

7 - Ore

You'll gain 50 xp for clicking on the ore.

8 - Bugbears

You'll encounter some bugbears here arguing over a pile of gold. If you hide, then the bugbears will start fighting amongst themselves, and you'll only have to face two of them. If you attack, then you'll have to fight all of them. You'll find 873 gp in the pile.

9 - Locked Door

When you approach the locked door, you'll automatically start up a conversation about it. To open the door, you'll need to select the dialogue option about using the strange part that you found earlier (#6). If you end the conversation without opening the door, then you'll need to move away from the door and then back towards it to trigger the conversation again.

10 - Grausch

"So you killed my brothers. Good. Now I don't have to share with them."

After displaying that bit of brotherly love, Grausch and the other bugbears in the room will attack you. Grausch will drop a Ring of Protection +2 and a Halberd +2 when he dies.

In the back of the room, you'll find a chest with the Gauntlets of Ironfist inside. You can gain a lot of influence with Khelgar by letting him have the gauntlets -- or at least by saying that you'll let him have the gauntlets. After the conversation, no matter what you decided, you'll find the gauntlets in your inventory, and you'll be able to do with them whatever you want.

After Khelgar tells you about the gauntlets, he'll suggest that you return to Khulmar (#1). If you agree with him, then you'll be teleported back to the start of the area. If you say that you'd rather explore some more first, then Khelgar will never make the suggestion again, and you'll have to walk all the way back to the start.

11 - Collapsed Tunnel

If you approach this tunnel, you'll see that there isn't any way to progress farther into the stronghold, and that the dwarves will have to search for another route.

  1. Entrance to the clanhold.
  2. World exit.