Highcliff (Act III)

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When you approach Highcliff, you'll trigger a special encounter on the Road to Highcliff where Zachan and Gera will run past you with some lizardfolk warriors in pursuit. You'll be given some dialogue options to distract the lizardfolk, but it won't make much of a difference (you'll gain xp for using a skill, but you'll lose xp when some of the lizardfolk leave). Killing the lizardfolk and protecting the travelers will net you 1500 xp, and you'll also find a vein of ore nearby.

After the battle, Zachan and Gera will tell you that the lizardfolk have attacked Highcliff -- but in a strange way. Instead of simply killing and pillaging, they've set up a camp in the southern part of the village (#5), and they've left the northern half alone.

When you reach Highcliff itself, you'll learn roughly the same information from Elder Mayne (#2), that the lizardfolk appeared one day and set up camp in the southern part of the village, and that while they haven't actually attacked the town, they won't let anyone leave, either. Elder Mayne will then let you know that the local guards captured one of the lizardfolk, and that the prisoner is being kept in a pen (#3).

When you reach Vlssk, the lizardman prisoner, you'll discover that he has been seriously wounded. The first time you talk to him, you'll only notice his condition. The second time you talk to him, you'll get a dialogue option to "patch up the lizardman's wounds." Trying to heal Vlssk using skills or spells won't do anything; if you're going to heal him, you'll have to do it through the dialogue option.

Once you've healed Vlssk, he'll claim that Highcliff is the ancient home of the lizardfolk, and that they've come to take it back. When you point out some flaws in his reasoning, Vlssk will tell you about Batha, the new shaman and chieftain of the lizardfolk, and the one who has been guiding their movements. If you pass a skill check, then Vlssk will mention that Batha has been known to "dance with shadows in swamp," and you'll earn 300 xp. Eventually, Vlssk will fall unconscious, and you won't be able to talk to him anymore.

No matter what kind of character you're playing, or how you've dealt with the lizardfolk in the past, the encounter at the lizardfolk camp (#5) will start out the same. You'll reason with Batha, and you'll attempt to convince him that he's being used by the King of Shadows. This will lead to a test where you'll have to fight Batha.

Batha can be difficult to kill. Right away he'll summon a greater elemental to help him, and then once you've "killed" him, he'll transform into a huge earth elemental, and you'll have to kill him again. Four royal guards will also jump into the fray while it's in progress, so you'll have to defend against them as well. The best way to deal with Batha is to use magic against him. Missile storms plus fireballs can get the job done here (and just about everywhere else, too).

Once you've defeated Batha in his elemental form, he'll stop the fight and agree to re-evaluate his position. At this point you'll have two options. You can either allow Batha to read your mind, or you can kill him. If you select the former, then the lizardfolk will become your allies, you'll earn 1000 xp, and Batha will give you a Grey Robe of the Archmagi plus a Fey Spear +3. If you decide to kill Batha, then the lizardfolk will commit suicide, and you won't get anything. Batha won't even drop any equipment when he dies.

1 - Starting Point

"It seems a little... well, empty."

2 - Elder Mayne

3 - Vlssk

4 - Cliff Barricade

The lizardfolk here will tell you roughly the same information as Vlssk (#3). Regardless of whether you kill the lizardfolk here or let them live, the encounter in the lizardfolk camp (#5) will go the same.

5 - Lizardfolk Camp

If you worked with Slaan at the Highcliff Castle Ruins back in Act I, then you'll meet him again here. However, this is basically a cameo, and nothing will come of the meeting.

6 - Chests and Crates

If you loot the chests and crates here, you'll find lots of potions, gems, and scrolls, and you'll also pick up a Robe of Acid Resistance and the North Wind Bow.

  1. World exit.