Ember (Act II)

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Area Note

You'll be required to have Sand in your party when you leave for this area.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Corpses

If you talked to Nya in Port Llast, then you'll need to activate the bag of wyrmsage on each of the ten corpses here (#2) to complete her quest. The easiest way to do this is to drag the bag onto the quick bar, right click on a corpse to target it, and then left click on the bag in the quick bar. Each time you purify a corpse, it will disappear. After purifying all ten corpses, your journal will update.

When you approach one of the corpses (#2a), Sand will recognize that the victim was poisoned, and that the poison probably came from one of the "less friendly assassins' guilds in Luskan." He'll then take a sample of the body as evidence, and you'll earn 400 xp.

You'll also find some dead cats around the village, but there isn't anything that you can do for them.

3 - Quartermaster's Log

You'll find the log book on the ground here. Sand will notice that Luskan stopped sending shipments to Ember weeks ago -- as if they knew that the town was going to be destroyed. You'll receive 400 xp for picking up the book.

4 - Guyven of the Road

If you're polite to Guyven, then he'll tell you that he came too late to see what happened here, but that the senseless slaughter has convinced him to end his travels. If you tell him that he's welcome to visit you at your home, then you'll see him later. If you tell him instead that you don't care if you ever see him again, then you won't. Either way, you'll receive 250 xp for talking to him.

  1. Well. If you gave Marcus Bishop's Dagger when you first visited Ember, then he'll have survived the battle, and you'll find him under the well. Marcus will tell you that 12 men attacked the village, and that one of them -- a big, mean, bald man (aka Lorne) -- was magically disguised as you. Marcus will then return Bishop's Dagger to you, he'll agree to testify in your defense, and you'll receive 750 xp. If you didn't give Marcus the dagger, then you won't find him (or even his corpse) down here. On the western side of the underground chamber, you'll find a door leading to the Glowstone Caverns. Right next to the bucket in the chamber, you'll also find some ore.
  2. World exit.