Leldon's Hideout

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Area Note

This area is involved in Neeshka's line of quests. See her character page for information about how it relates to her.


You'll find lots of traps and lots of thugs in the hideout. The thugs here are tougher than the bandits you faced on your way to Neverwinter, so move slowly and carefully, and try to keep your party from running off in multiple directions.

When you reach the vault (#3), it's possible that you'll encounter Leldon. From what we can tell, Leldon will show up if you set off some of the noise traps during your approach to the vault. For that case, you'll have to battle him and some more of his thugs, but Leldon will throw down a smoke bomb and disappear once you've done enough damage to him. If you moved through the hideout quietly, then nobody will show up at the vault, but you'll have to meet with Leldon later at the park in the Neverwinter Merchant Quarter (where the smoke bomb encounter will play out instead). Either way, when you loot the vault, you'll find Leldon's Lucky Coin, a Cloak of Arachnida, and about 500 gp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Wardrobe

Inside the wardrobe you'll find a Robe of Electrical Resistance.

3 - Vault

The vault won't even be locked. No wonder Neeshka insults Leldon so much.

  1. Exit to the Neverwinter Merchant Quarter.