Crossroad Keep Outskirts

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Area Note

You'll trigger this sequence when you tell Sir Nevalle, "The Keep is ready to stand against the Shadow Army." If you haven't yet followed Ammon Jerro to Shandra's Farm, you might want to do that first.


After some battle discussions with Nasher, Nevalle, and Kana, you'll be allowed to select two companions (excluding the Construct for some reason) and either three greycloak fighters or three greycloak archers for the fight ahead. Then you'll find yourself at the Crossroad Keep Outskirts (#1).

"If there is anything that I think will be the light against this shadow that comes against us -- it is you and the fortress I have granted you."

Your stated goal for this area is to destroy a pair of bridges (#3 and #5), but really you're here for an encounter with Black Garius (#6). All of the fights leading up to Garius should be pretty easy, but it's a good idea to proceed carefully so that you don't lose any of your greycloak fighters and archers along the way (unlike your companions, when greycloaks die, they'll disappear from your party and you won't get them back).

When you confront Garius, he'll summon some undead creatures to fight for him, and he'll transform them into "giant" (and much more powerful) versions of themselves. Garius will then leave, but you'll find yourself surrounded by the undead, which is always a bad way to start a battle. Fortunately, Daeghun and a couple of scouts will show up at that point, and they'll help you out.

The battle with the giant undead can be difficult. The greycloaks with you will probably get killed pretty quickly, and any spellcasters with you will probably get interrupted when they try to cast. So, if you haven't tried it out yet, this is the perfect opportunity to use some of the special attacks on the Silver Sword of Gith. In particular, the "shard barrier" attack should do major damage to all of the undead around you, and once it has run its course, mopping up the remaining undead should be straightforward.

Note: If you use one of the sword's special attacks, be sure to use its "meditative restoration" power to restore its charges.

After the battle, a cutscene will start up where you'll automatically destroy the bridges and return to Crossroad Keep. Kana will greet you there, and she'll congratulate you on your success. If you've been pursuing a romance with one of your companions, then the romance will culminate at this point, and you'll get a reward of a different sort. However, during the night, the King of Shadows will show up, and you'll have to defend the keep from his attacks.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Battle

You'll find three greycloak fighters (or archers) here battling several undead creatures. Any greycloak fighters (or archers) that survive will join your party. You'll have to assign them to one of your companions, but it doesn't seem to make any difference which one you choose.

3 - First Bridge

You'll find a pair of shadow priests and several skeletons here. Nothing will happen when you clear them off the bridge.

4 - Supply Dump

If you kill the shadow priests and skeletons here, then you'll earn 500 xp. If you break open the 10 coffins that they were guarding (by clicking on them or by casting spells on them), then you'll destroy the nine vampires who were inside, and you'll earn an additional 1800 xp. Finally, if you loot the barrels and crates stored here, then you'll find several magic scrolls and some other random items.

5 - Second Bridge

You won't find any enemies on this bridge.

6 - Black Garius

  1. World exit.