Magic Schools
Wizards may specialize in a school of magic. A specialist loses access to one school but casts more spells per day. If you wish to have access to all schools, you must select the General school.

This is not a school, but instead represents the wizard's desire to have an equal understanding of all spells, without focusing on a single school of magic.

Prohibited School: None

Abjuration spells are used to shield the caster from magical and physical attacks.

Prohibited School: Conjuration

A conjuration specialist can bring creatures to him, usually in the form of summoned allies.

Prohibited School: Transmutation

Diviners are capable of looking forward in time to anticipate what will happen next. Although mostly useful for gathering information, several divine spells help the caster in combat situations.

Prohibited School: Illusion

Enchantment spells involve gaining control over another creature, or imbuing a recipient with special properties.

Prohibited School: Illusion

Evocation spells manipulate energy or create something from nothing. Many of the best offensive spells can be found within this school of magic.

Prohibited School: Conjuration

Illusion spells alter perception to create images of unreal things, or to disguise real things.

Prohibited School: Enchantment

Necromancy spells manipulate, create, or destroy life.

Prohibited School: Divination

Transmutation spells transform the recipient or his environment, either subtly or obviously.

Prohibited School: Conjuration