Bandit Camp

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Not surprisingly, you'll encounter numerous bandits while in the Bandit Camp. You won't be able to talk to them; they'll just attack. For best results, keep your companions in check and only fight a few bandits at a time. If you need to, hold down the right mouse button and broadcast the "follow me" command to keep your companions near you. If you move far away from the bandits, such as back towards the exit from the area (W), then you should be able to rest in between the fights.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find an Elixir of Horus-Re, plus probably some gold or gems.

3 - Stockade

One of two things will happen when you enter the stockade. If you've already dealt with the bandit chief (#6), then the refugees will thank you for coming, and they'll automatically leave for Fort Locke. If you haven't dealt with the bandit chief, then you'll have to make a daring escape. The refugees will begin following you, and several bandits will appear in the camp. You'll then need to guide the refugees to safety while simultaneously protecting them. The easiest way to do this is to leave your main character in the stockade (so the refugees will stay there as well) and send Khelgar and Neeshka out to kill the bandits.

When you return to Fort Locke, Liza the refugee leader will give you your reward. If you kept all of the refugee prisoners alive, then you'll receive 250 xp and 250 gp. If some of the prisoners died, then you'll only receive 250 gp.

4 - Bandit Sergeant

The sergeant will drop a Ring of Fortitude +1 when he dies.

5 - Chest

You'll find Tor's Holy Symbol inside the chest here. If you take it to Tor at Fort Locke, you'll receive 200 xp. A bandit wizard near the chest will drop a Robe of Fire Resistance when he dies.

6 - Bandit Chief

The encounter with the bandit chief can go a variety of ways. If you've already rescued Commander Tann from the Graveyard, then the bandit chief will start out neutral. If you can convince him to join the soldiers at Fort Locke or make him promise not to kidnap any more people (the latter is easier), then you'll receive 700 xp. If you decide to kill the bandit chief, then you'll earn about 300 xp, and the chief will drop an Astral Blade +1 and Studded Leather Armor +1 when he dies. You can also find an Amulet of Undead Turning in the chest in the room.

If you've already rescued Commander Tann, then when you return to him after dealing with the bandit chief, he'll reward you with 500 gp. If you convinced the bandits to become soldiers at Fort Locke, then that's the only reward you'll receive. Otherwise, you'll also earn 100 xp. Finally, if you rescue Tann after dealing with the bandit chief, then he won't give you any sort of reward.

  1. Entrance to the bandit den.
  2. World exit.