Crossroad Keep Roadside

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Area Note

You'll be required to take Ammon Jerro with you for this encounter.


This area is basically one big battle. When you arrive, you'll witness Callum fighting through several blade golems to reach a shadow reaver (#2) -- but then the golems will be restored to full health, and they'll cut down Callum quickly. The shadow reaver will take the opportunity to taunt you a little, and then he'll infuse the golems with elemental power, and he'll cause them to attack you.

This shadow reaver battle is roughly the same as the other shadow reaver battles that you've fought. You won't be able to kill the reaver until you've recited its true name, and so you should start out by taking down the blade golems. Ammon Jerro is a little bit tougher than Zhjaeve, and so he won't be disrupted as easily, but it's still best to move him to some quiet location before you have him begin his recitation. Also, unless the battle is very tough for you, you should avoid using any of Ammon Jerro's offensive spells to prevent the enemies from attacking him.

Once you've killed the shadow reaver, Sir Nevalle will come running up to you and tell you to ready your forces at Crossroad Keep. You'll also automatically pick up the Tome of Iltkazar. If you take the tome to Aldanon at Crossroad Keep, you'll receive 500 xp for your efforts. Finally, if you loot the shadow reaver's corpse, you'll find a Ring of Power and the Golem's Blade.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Callum / Blade Golems / Shadow Reaver

  1. Exit to Crossroad Keep.