Bryce Crypt

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Adriel and Friends

When you enter this room, Adriel will demand to know why you're in the crypt. It doesn't really matter what you say; Adriel and the teenagers with her won't leave the crypt. But a couple sentences into the conversation, you'll hear a scream deeper in the crypt, signaling bad tidings for Lisbet.

3 - Vera and Lorelei

When you enter this room, you'll find Vera and Lorelei (#3) cornered by some ghouls and ghasts, but when you "rescue" them, you'll discover that they created the creatures, and that the black-clad teenagers in the crypt are really a cult following somebody named Arval (#6). The teenagers won't be happy that you destroyed their thralls, and all eight of them from the first two rooms will converge on you and attack.

Fortunately, the teenagers aren't exactly master spellcasters or anything, and so you shouldn't have much trouble defeating them. On their corpses you'll find a Ring of Protection +2 and a worn key. You can use the worn key to unlock the door to the east (#3a).

4 - Sarcophagi and Chest

If you loot the two sarcophagi and the chest located in these two spots, then you'll pick up a Chromatic Breastplate +1, Full Plate +1, a Mirror Shield, and a Luckstone.

5 - Savanna and Raven

Here you'll find Lisbet's friends, Savanna and Raven (#5), the ones who were with her outside the crypt. If you're diplomatic, then you can convince Savanna to leave the cult. If you do that, and if you keep her safe during the ensuing battle, then you'll receive 900 xp in total. Raven, on the other hand, won't care what you say, and she and the shadow initiates will attack you. You'll find Bracers of Armor +2 and the Bryce tomb key on her corpse. You'll need the key to unlock the door to the west (#5a).

"No! I don't want to ‘rise again!' I just wanted to meet boys!"

6 - Arval and Lisbet

Here you'll find Arval, Lisbet, six shadow initiates, and a dead woman. When you get close enough to them, Arval will challenge you. It doesn't matter what you say to him; eventually he and the shadow initiates will attack. You'll find a Cloak of Fortification +2 and the recipe book Marvellous Artefacts for the Resistance of Sorcery on Arval's remains.

After the battle, when you talk to Lisbet, she'll perform a ritual that will turn all of the dead cult members into greater shadows. If you're feeling kindly towards Lisbet, you can speak nicely to her and let her follow you as you fight your way out. Otherwise, you can knock her out and leave her there. For both cases, you'll receive 2000 xp when you return to Kyli outside the crypt, but if you return with Lisbet, then Kyli will also give you 300 gp.

7 - Arval's Office

If you loot the desk in the office, then you'll find Arval's journal inside, but it probably won't tell you anything that you didn't already know. However, if you take the journal to Lord Nasher in Castle Never in the Blacklake District, then he'll reward you with 500 xp and 200 gp.

You can also pick up some gems from the chest in the office.

  1. Exit to the Blacklake District.