West Harbor (Tutorial)

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Area Note

The tutorial is optional. If you skip it, then you'll gain 3000 xp at the start of Act I. But if you play through the tutorial, you can earn up to 3550 xp, and also pick up the Harvest Cup and a Harvest Cloak.


1 - Your House

This is where you'll start in the tutorial. Your foster father Daeghun will ask you to deliver his furs to the merchant Galen in town (#7). You'll find the furs to the east, in a chest between Daeghun and the door. Picking up Daeghun's furs is all that you can do inside your house.

Note: If you have trouble spotting the chest, press the Z key to highlight usable objects. If the Z key doesn't do anything, then save your game, go to the main menu, select options, and then select the keymapping tab. The key that highlights objects is labeled "Inspection" under "Misc." This information should also be found in the manual.

2 - Bridge

When you approach the bridge, Amie (a wizard) and Bevil (a fighter) will join your party.

3 - Georg Redfell

Georg will introduce you to the High Harvest Fair, and he'll list the four competitions that you'll need to take part in and hopefully win: the Harvest Brawl (#4), the Archery Competition (#10), the Tourney of Talent (#8), and the Knaves' Challenge (#9).

After competing in the four events, when you return to Georg and tell him the news, you'll receive 1000 xp, and Georg will leave for the stage (#11).

4 - Harvest Brawl

At this spot you'll find a fighting ring being presided over by Brother Merring. Brother Merring won't let you into the ring right away. This is a tutorial, remember? So first you'll have to grab a training club from the barrel next to Merring, and then you'll need to attack one of the nearby practice dummies. Once a dummy has been destroyed, Merring will describe for you the rules of the competition, including that no betting is allowed, and then he'll send you into the ring.

For your first bout, you'll have to face the Lannon sisters. This battle should be pretty easy, but just to be safe, equip all of your characters with training clubs. If the battle won't start and you're not sure why, it's probably because of the tutorial pop-up box. You'll need to click on the "done" button of the pop-up box to get the fight started.

After the battle, Brother Merring will give you a chance to rest (to do this, press the R key), and then he'll send you to talk to Wyl Mossfeld. Wyl won't think much of your chances in the Brawl, and he'll challenge you to a bet. If you accept the bet, then you'll become more chaotic, and you'll lose 5 influence with Bevil. If you decline the bet, then you'll become more lawful, and you'll gain 5 influence with Bevil.

After the conversation (and possibly after again clicking on "done" in the tutorial pop-up box), you'll be sent into the fighting ring. The Mossfelds are tougher than the Lannon sisters, but not by a whole lot, and you should be able to defeat them easily, especially if you're playing a melee character.

If you lose the fight, don't worry. You can demand as many rematches with the Mossfelds as you'd like, and, since you'll only need to win three of the four competitions to earn the Harvest Cup, this is an optional competition anyway. But if you win the Brawl, you'll earn 500 xp. If you lose to the Mossfelds, you'll only earn 400 xp.

5 - Lazlo

Lazlo is in charge of the Harvest Mead, but he won't give you any. "Oh, no. Not you lot! Got that Fern girl with you, too. I haven't forgotten what happened last year, young lady, even if you have!"

6 - Heftiest Hog Competition

You'll find four hogs here, including a seriously hefty hog belonging to Lewy Jons. After winning the Tourney of Talent (#8), Orlen will come up to you and accuse Lewy of using magic on his hog. "I've never seen that hog before, and I've got an eye for hogs, as folks will tell you."

If you ask Lewy about his hog, he'll simply swear that he gave it some "special feed." But if you click on the hog, then Amie will detect a magical aura around it, and she'll suspect that Lewy somehow cast an enlargement spell on it.

You'll have two ways to complete the quest. You can talk to Lewy and agree to lie for him, or you can use the "Lesser Dispel" scroll you got at the Tourney of Talent, and dispel the enchantment on the hog. For the former you'll receive a Potion of Bless, and you'll become more chaotic and evil. For the latter you'll receive some Pork Jerky. For both cases you'll earn 150 xp.

Note: If you bet with the Mossfelds and lost influence with Bevil, then he won't let you make a deal with Lewy. For that case you'll have to dispel the hog.

7 - Galen the Merchant

Galen isn't much of a merchant -- at least, not yet. All you'll be able to do with him during the tutorial is sell Daeghun's furs and buy a Duskwood Bow, and make a slight profit from the exchange. The bow is from Ember, which you'll learn more about later.

Note: You can steal 50 gp from Galen.

8 - Tourney of Talent

The Tourney of Talent is a magic competition, and you're guaranteed to win as long as you have Amie cast the spells listed in the tutorial pop-up box. If you've disabled the tutorial messages, then cast the following spells: "Summon Creature I" somewhere inside the ring, "Enlarge Person" on Bevil, and "Ray of Frost" or "Acid Splash" on the barrel. If you make a mistake or cast the spells out of order, you can always rest and try again.

Once you've cast the required spells, Retta Starling will declare you the winner of the Tourney, and she'll reward you with three magic scrolls: "Ghostly Visage," "Lesser Dispel," and "Summon Creature II." You'll also earn 400 xp.

Immediately after the Tourney, Orlen will come up to you and offer you a quest. See #6 for details.

9 - The Knaves' Challenge

At this spot you'll meet Tarmas, the local wizard. He'll give you the Knaves' Challenge -- once you have somebody in your party who can search, disarm traps, pick locks, and use sleight of hand. If that doesn't describe your main character, then Amie will suggest that you recruit Kipp, who is standing nearby. Kipp is a rogue who has the necessary skills.

For the Knaves' Challenge, Tarmas will tell you the following rhyme:
"I've hidden three feathers, scattered them wide,
Placed White in a box, and locked it inside.
Blue followed termite-tracks, down where they ran,
Green in the pocket of same-colored man."
That is, you'll need to find three colored feathers to win the competition. If you're confused by the poem, then tell Tarmas you don't understand, and your companions will give you even more hints. "It's a riddle. Right, Tarmas?"

You'll find the white feather in a locked chest (#9a), the blue feather under a trapped pile of wood (#9b), and the green feather in the inventory of the Man in Green (#9c). Once you've used your rogue skills to acquire the feathers, turning them in to Tarmas will net you 400 xp.

10 - Archery Competition

Your foster father Daeghun is in charge of the Archery Competition, and, like Brother Merring before him (#4), he won't allow you to compete until you've practiced a little. So grab the light crossbow and the bolts from the nearby barrel, and use them to shoot one of the practice targets.

The Archery Competition should be pretty easy. You'll get ten shots at ten bottles, and as long as you break at least six of them, you'll win. The worst score we've ever seen is 9/10, so unless your dexterity is abysmally low, you shouldn't need to load and save to get through the competition. For breaking enough bottles, you'll earn 400 xp.

After the competition, if you haven't done so already, then Daeghun will remind you to visit Galen the Merchant (#7) and exchange his furs for a Duskwood Bow. When you give the bow to Daeghun, you'll receive 400 xp.

11 - Stage

The stage is where you'll win your prizes for competing in the fair's events. For winning three competitions, you'll receive the Harvest Cup. For winning all four competitions, you'll also receive a Harvest Cloak.

Clicking on Georg on the stage will end the tutorial. "Hip hip hooray!"