Highcliff (Act I)

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Area Note

The first time you travel to Highcliff, you'll be ambushed by yet more gray dwarves and bladelings, who will once again call you the kalach-cha. However, this time the elf who had been following you will reveal herself, and she'll help you in the battle.

"Forgive me, but I saw these... things about to attack you. I found I could not simply stand by while you were ambushed -- again."

After the fighting as stopped, the elf will introduce herself as Elanee, and she'll automatically join your party. Elanee will suggest that you travel together since you both seem to have the same enemy, and she'll recommend that you take a shortcut to Highcliff. At that point you'll be teleported to Maiden's Glade.


1 - Starting Point

When you arrive in Highcliff, you'll discover that lizardfolk have blockaded the town's port, sinking any ships that attempt to leave. If you speak to Grishnak on the docks, he'll give you an extended introduction to the situation, and he'll recommend you talk to the captain of his ship (#5).

2 - Drunk Sailors

When you approach the sailors, one of them will start insulting you. "What's all this? A traveling circus?" No matter how you respond, you'll end up fighting the sailors. This is just an opportunity to gain (or lose) influence with your companions.

3 - Branson Marlek

Branson is a merchant, mostly of weapons. He's a good source for ammunition, and you can also buy named weapons like Hierarch's Blade and a Ravager +1 from him.

4 - Gera and Zachan

You might remember Gera and Zachan from the Weeping Willow Inn, where you had to rescue Zachan from a pair of bladelings. Well, they'll need your help again. This time they'll tell you that their son Andrew and his friend have gone missing, and they'll ask you to look for them.

You'll find the two boys at the Highcliff Castle Ruins, which Shandra will mark on the world map after you've visited her at her farm. You'll find the boys cornered by wolves, but the wolves won't actually attack them -- just you. After you've dispatched the wolves, talking to the boys will send them home. Then when you talk to Gera and Zachan again, they'll reward you with Zachan's Amulet and 100 xp. If you demand a better reward, then they'll give you 100 gp as well.

5 - Captain Flinn

Flinn is the captain of the Double Eagle. He'll reiterate what you've probably already heard at least a couple times already: that he won't set sail until the lizardfolk have been dealt with. Captain Flinn will eventually disappear from the village, and you'll need to talk to Elder Mayne (#8) to set sail for Neverwinter.

6 - Edario

Edario is an armorer. He'll offer you a basic selection of regular and +1 items, and he'll also sell you a couple of named things, like Skin of the Forest and a Shield of the Wisp Hunter.

7 - Par

When you meet Par, he'll tell you, "There are noises coming from inside my house. It must be thieves!" If you agree to look into the matter for him, then when you enter his house you'll find some sailors looting the place. The sailors will automatically attack you, and you'll have to kill them to complete Par's quest. When you return to Par, he'll reward you with two Potions of Speed, two Potions of Bear's Endurance, two Potions of Cure Serious Wounds, and 200 xp. You can also find a Ring of Resistance +1 in the locked and trapped chest inside his house.

8 - Elder Mayne

When you first approach the elder, you'll witness an argument between him and a woman named Juni. Juni's husband William has gone missing, but Mayne won't want to send people to go look for him when the village is in such a perilous state. After the confrontation, Juni will leave for her home (#9).

During your own conversation with Mayne, you'll once again hear how lizardfolk are sinking ships in the town's port, and how, as a result, no ships are sailing to Neverwinter. That means you'll have to look into the matter, just so you can travel to Neverwinter, if for no other reason. The elder will then suggest that you visit Shandra's Farm, since that seems to be the one place the lizardfolk haven't attacked yet, and he'll mark the location of the farm on the world map.

After you've dealt with the lizardfolk -- either by killing them or by working out a deal with them -- Elder Mayne will move to the docks (#1), and when you talk to him there, you'll set sail for the Neverwinter Docks District. Elder Mayne will also give you Armor of Loyalty for all the work you've done in helping the village.

9 - Juni

Juni will ask you to find her missing husband William, who was last seen heading to the Highcliff Castle Ruins to pick up some rocks. Before you can track down William, you'll first have to visit Shandra at her farm. That's because it's Shandra who will mark the ruins on the world map.

At the Highcliff Castle Ruins, you'll discover that William was actually running away from Juni. That will give you two ways to solve the quest: accept a 100 gp bribe from William and lie for him, or convince William to go back home and accept a 200 gp reward from Juni. For both cases, you can earn to up 300 xp in total (75 when you talk to William, 150 when you return to Juni, and then 75 more if Juni leaves happy).

10 - Mozah

Mozah will tell you how a group of adventurers hired him to act as a tour guide of the area, including the Highcliff Castle Ruins, but how they only paid him half of the money up front. The adventurers never came back, and so Mozah will ask you to look for them and see if you can find the rest of his money.

You'll find the adventurers, or what's left of them, inside the Highcliff Castle Ruins, which Shandra will mark on the world map after you've visited her at her farm. You'll find Mozah's backpay with the adventurers, but when you return it to Mozah you'll have a choice. If you lie and say you couldn't find the adventurers, then you'll receive 500 gp. If you tell the truth and give Mozah the gold, then he'll reward you with half of the amount. Either way, you'll receive 125 xp.

  1. World exit.