Gameplay Notes
We wrote this walkthrough using a combination of versions 1.01 to 1.04 (mostly 1.03). We used the normal difficulty setting.

You can bash open chests rather than pick their locks, but if you do that then you might break some of the equipment inside. You can also break equipment if you damage chests with area-effect spells -- so keep your spellcasters in check!

You won't be able to add or remove companions until you've reached Neverwinter.

If you're playing one of the more powerful races, the level adjustment is how many levels you'll be below the norm. That is, if a character with a regular race is at level X, and your level adjustment is Y, then you'll be at level X - Y.

The official campaign has a level limit rather than an experience limit, but you'll probably only gain enough experience to take your character to level 20-21 if you play a regular race.

Characters gain a fixed number of hit points for each level, depending on their class. (That is, the hit point gain is not random like it was in Neverwinter Nights.)

The only way to see the health bar of an enemy is to right click on it.

Ability score bonuses on equipment do not stack. You just get the best of the bonuses. For example, if you wear an item that gives +1 INT and another item that gives +2 INT, you'll only receive +2 INT. However, bonuses for skills do appear to stack.

If you find a weapon that does fire or acid damage (such as the Bone Phoenix in the Swamp Cave), you should hang onto it for when you run into trolls. Only fire or acid damage can kill trolls.

If characters are "killed" during a battle, the characters will only fall unconscious, and after the battle they'll get right back up. You'll only have to load your game if your entire party dies.

If you click and hold the right mouse button, a menu will pop up. If the cursor isn't on an object when you do this, then you'll get a menu relating to your character, and it will include special attacks, broadcast commands (such as telling your companions to hold their ground), and more. If the cursor is over an object, then you'll get a menu relating to that object (such as options to talk to a character or bash down a door).

You should complete optional quests as quickly as possible. Some locations and NPCs will disappear as you progress through the campaign.