Companions: Elanee



Neutral good wood elf druid

Starting Ability Scores:

14 STR, 16 DEX, 11 CON, 13 INT, 17 WIS, 12 CHA


Elanee will come to your rescue when you're on the road to Highcliff, and then she'll automatically join your party.

Best Quotes:

Bishop (to you): "How many enemies do you have, anyway? There's almost more than I can count."
Elanee: "There's a surprise."

"Let us promise to speak no more until the morrow, and we shall enjoy what brief time we have together."


When you meet Elanee, you'll learn that she's a member of the Circle of Merdelain. While in Maiden's Glade, you'll run into another member of the Circle, a druid named Kaleil. However, you'll discover that something is wrong with Kaleil -- that something has corrupted him as well as the lands previously protected by the Circle -- and you'll have to kill him.

Later in Act I, when you're in the Neverwinter Docks District, you'll run into a wounded wolf, and Elanee will recognize it as a druid from the Circle of Swords. The druid will tell you how it came into Neverwinter after detecting Elanee's scent inside, and it will recommend that you speak to the Circle of Swords via the Skymirror, which it will mark on the world map. Then the druid will leave, and you'll earn 250 xp.

Note: If you kill the wolf, then you won't be able to go to the Skymirror, but you won't otherwise break Elanee's quest line.

At the Skymirror, you'll make contact with Naevan, an elder druid from Elanee's own Circle. Naevan won't know what's going on, but he'll suspect that it has something to do with the King of Shadows, and he'll leave to investigate.

Nothing more will happen until the start of Act III, when you'll run into Daeghun at Crossroad Keep. He'll tell you that while he was scouting out the King of Shadows, he spotted some of Elanee's Circle in the Mere, and he'll mark the Circle of the Mere on the world map.

When you reach the Circle of the Mere, you'll find some corrupted druids holding Naevan hostage. No matter what you say, you'll have to fight the druids. At the end of the battle, Naevan will decide to go off on his own, and, if you have a negative influence with Elanee, she might decide to leave with him. If you want, you can kill Elanee at this point, but doing so can cause huge swings in influence (good and bad) with your other companions.


Elanee is a "tree-worshipper" (as Khelgar likes to call her), and so she'll usually prefer you to handle conflict through peaceful measures. She'll become unhappy if you harm animals. Here are a few of the places where you can gain influence with Elanee.

Amt Act Location Situation
+1 I Maiden's Glade Make a lore check to recognize that "Eridis" is an Illefarn name.
±1 I Maiden's Glade Agree to try and charm the wolves in the glade (+1), or decide to attack them or avoid them (-1).
±1 I Maiden's Glade Upon reaching the dead wolves, agree to investigate what happened to them (+1) or decide to ignore them and continue on to Highcliff (-1).
±1 I N/A When talking to Elanee about your home, say "Sounds like you're not one to tie yourself down" or "It was the people of West Harbor that made it home" (+1), or insult her (-1).
±1 I Highcliff Attempt to reason with the drunk sailors (+1), or declare your intention to fight them (-1).
±1 I Highcliff After agreeing to help Gera and Zachan, don't say you're doing it for the reward (+1), or say you are (-1).
±1 I Docks District After defeating Bennon, tell Neeshka that she's on her own against Leldon (+1), or say that you'll protect her (-1).
-1 I Merchant Quarter After defeating Tremmel, side with Neeshka and ask Elanee why she's here.
+1 I Moonstone Mask If Teelah insults Elanee, say that Elanee is your friend and deserves respect.
±1, -5 I Docks District After discovering the wounded wolf, allow Elanee to treat to it (+1), or ignore it (-1), or kill it (-5).
-1 I Docks District Decline to tell the wounded wolf about the silver shards.
±1 I Back Alley After allowing Elanee to start a fire to distract the City Watchmen, tell her "you have my gratitude" (+1), or tell her something else (-1).
±1 I Eyegouger Clan When first meeting the white wolves, say "I don't want to hurt them" (+1), or decide to kill them (-1).
+2, -3 I Eyegouger Clan After talking to the white wolves, allow them to leave (+2), or decide to kill them (-3).
±1 I Eyegouger Clan When you meet the wounded orcs, let nature take its course (+1), or kill the orcs (-1).
-1 II Blacklake District When you meet Pepin Pollo, offer to buy the painting for Shandra.
+1 II Blacklake District When talking to Kyli Bryce, offer to bring her sister home safely.
-1 II Bryce Crypt After dealing with Arval, tell Lisbet, "Stupid girl. You'd have traded your soul for a kiss and some pretty words."
-3 II Caverns Tell Drom that you're going to steal the glowstone.
±1 II Caverns When befriending Kistrel, say "Allies from nature are welcome" (+1), or claim that you're using the spider for your own sake (-1).
±3, +1 II Duskwood When first entering Duskwood, agree to look for the source of the poison (+3), offer to leave the area (+1), or disregard Elanee's warning (-3).
±2, -1 II Port Llast When Nya rewards you with an amulet, say "I shall treasure it" (+2), or announce "I really don't care" (-1), or ponder "I wonder how much it's worth" (-2).
+1 II Haven Approach When approaching the geyser, make an intelligence check to recognize that the smell comes from sulfur.
±3 II Ammon Jerro's Haven When Elanee threatens Blooden, support her (+3), or tell her to be silent (-3).
-3 II Ammon Jerro's Haven When Blooden says she's bored, tell her that she's beautiful.
±1 III Crossroad Keep When talking to Daeghun about Elanee, say "I won't have you sending her on dangerous missions" (+1), or ask "You're here for her?" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When you learn from Daeghun that some of Elanee's Circle might still be alive, agree to go and look for them (+1), or question Elanee's motives (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When talking with Elanee about Daeghun, say something positive about him (+1), or say something negative (-1).
±1 III Circle of the Mere When talking to Vashne, say "I am certain Elanee meant no harm to the Circle" (+1), or else say "She can be careless at times" (-1).
+1 III Circle of the Mere When trying to convince Elanee to take your side rather than Vashne's, say "Trust in your senses, Elanee, just as I trust in you."
±1 III Highcliff When you encounter the lizadman Vlssk, agree to heal him because he's in pain (+1), or offer to heal him so you can interrogate him or say "Like I care" (-1).

Spoilers (Highlight to Read):

Elanee is the only romance option for male characters.