Companions: Imaskari Golem

Imaskari Golem


Neutral construct

Starting Ability Scores:

21 STR, 9 DEX, 10 CON, 10 INT, 11 WIS, 1 CHA


You'll find the Imaskari Golem in the forge area connected to the Middle Barrow.


The Imaskari Golem is not involved in any quests, but you can improve its strength by +2 or +4. To do that, pick up some Hellfire Powder (located in a room near the golem), and then use the alchemy workbench (located in the room with the golem) to create a special salve. The power of the salve will depend on the Craft Alchemy skill of the person who uses the workbench, with a skill of 30 or more giving the best results. To apply the salve, simply talk to the golem.

Note: If you don't remember how to talk to companions, right click on them and hold the right mouse button down. A menu will shortly pop up with "talk to" as an option.

Spoilers (Highlight to Read):

The Imaskari Golem will only stay in your party while you're in Okku's Barrow.