Companions: Grobnar

Grobnar Gnomehands


Chaotic good rock gnome bard

Starting Ability Scores:

10 STR, 16 DEX, 16 CON, 12 INT, 10 WIS, 18 CHA


You'll run into Grobnar the first time you travel to Old Owl Well.

Best Quotes:

"Excellent. Oh, you won't regret this. I mean, too many times."

"Why... that little werewolf has the same name as the gnome girl we met outside. What a coincidence!"

"Well, just as I suspected... I couldn't see it because it's invisible."


Grobnar's main quest involves activating the Construct. You'll first meet the Construct inside the Githyanki Hideout. It will attack you there, but then it will flee after you've damaged it enough. You'll next see the Construct in the Githyanki Base. However, at that point it will be so damaged that it won't be able to do anything except stand there. Regardless of what you think of the Construct (Bishop will show interest in the machine if you don't), you'll capture it while you're in the base and you'll cart it off to Crossroad Keep (which you'll claim during Act II).

To repair the Construct, you'll need to track down three things:

  1. A vial of glowstone water, found in the Glowstone Caverns.
  2. The Ancient Art of Golemcraft, found in the Crossroad Keep library (either before or after you've captured it).
  3. A rune-inscribed iron piece, found in the smithy in the Gem Mines.

The first time you find one of these items, you'll trigger the quest to repair the Construct. To actually repair the Construct, you'll need to give all three items to Grobnar. Simply placing the objects into his inventory won't work. You'll need to travel to the Crossroad Keep basement and talk to Grobnar. If the objects are in your inventory, then you'll transfer them to Grobnar, and Grobnar will activate the Construct. You'll also receive 1000 xp.

Grobnar is also involved in the Act III quest to find the Wendersnaven. For that quest, you'll need to have Grobnar in your party when you talk to Enleva and Noduab in Port Llast, and then you'll need to keep him in your party when you travel to the Strange Clearing. You won't find the Wendersnaven, but you will pick up a Wenderkazoo.


Grobnar just loves gadgets and esoteric knowledge, and he'll respond when you embrace those things as well. Here are some places where you can gain influence with Grobnar.

Amt Act Location Situation
±1 I Dwarven Scouts After opening the locked door, tell Grobnar "Well done" (+1), or say "Maybe next time you can do a little more working and less talking" (-1).
+1 I Neverwinter Archives Answer the question about The Illefarn Cypher correctly.
+1 I Neverwinter Archives Answer the question about To Counter the Assumption of a Flat Faerūn correctly.
+1 I Neverwinter Archives Answer the question about Death of a Sailorman correctly.
+1 I Githyanki Base When you reach Mephasm, recognize (through spellcraft or intelligence) that if another extradimensional object touches the barrier, then it will collapse.
±1 II Duskwood When meeting Mirri and Jilla, ask Grobnar to stay with you (+1), or encourage him to join the gnomes (-1).
±1, +2 II Tavorick Estate Pry open the barrel of blastglobes (+2), or decide to use the blastglobes in the estate's defense (+1), or tell everybody to leave the blastglobes alone (-1).
±1 II N/A When Grobnar asks you to find the Tome of Iltkazar so that he can upgrade the Construct, agree to look for the tome (+1), or tell him to stop messing with the Construct (-1).
±2 II Crossroad Keep After reactivating the construct, tell Grobnar that you're impressed (+2), or comment that the Construct is "barely holding itself together" (-2).
+2, -1, -3 III N/A When Grobnar asks you about Shandra, say "I am sad" (+2), or say "There's no point thinking about it" (-1), or say "I could care less" (-3).
+1 III N/A When Grobnar tries to convince you of the existence of the Wendersnaven, believe him.
-1 III N/A When Grobnar tries to convince you of the existence of the Wendersnaven, call him a fool.
-2 III Circle of the Mere When Elanee decides to leave your party, attack her.
±3 III Strange Clearing After discovering the remains of the Relentless Poet, say "I want to believe" (+3), or call Grobnar's antics "nonsense" (-3).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting Grobnar to come with you to destroy the bridges, tell him "I have faith in your ability to cause chaos" (+1), or say "Don't get too excited" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When choosing Grobnar to fight with you on the walls, say "You're wrong, Bishop" (+1), or say "Bishop's right" (-1).