Companions: Sand



Lawful neutral moon elf wizard

Starting Ability Scores:

10 STR, 16 DEX, 12 CON, 19 INT, 12 WIS, 10 CHA


Sand will offer to join your party during the opening cutscene of Act II.

Best Quotes:

"Seems my exceptional wit and cunning instinct for verbal duels has landed me in trouble yet again."


Sand doesn't have his own quest, but you'll be required to have him in your party in Act II as you investigate what happened in Ember.


Sand thinks highly of his mental capabilities, and he'll respond well when you stroke his ego and agree with his ideas. Here are some of the places where you can gain influence with Sand.

Amt Act Location Situation
±1 II Moonstone Mask When Ophala says that Sand might be useful in uncovering Torio's plot, agree with her (+1), or not (-1).
±2 II Port Llast When entering the city, tell Sand, "I'm glad to have you along" (+2), or tell him to "stand back and be silent" (-2).
-1 II Port Llast Decide not to use Alaine in your defense, despite Sand's recommendation.
±1 II Ember When discovering the poisoned corpse, tell Sand he has "good eyes" (+1), or else say his observation is a waste of time (-1).
±2 II Duskwood When entering Duskwood, thank Sand for his warning (+2), or berate him for not telling you sooner (-2).
-1 II Duskwood When you meet Lyssa, don't pretend to be Lorne.
±1 II Duskwood When talking to Lyssa, make a deal with her (+1), or refuse to make a deal with her (-1).
+1 II Tavorick Estate Decide to use the blastglobes in the estate's defense.
-1 II Castle Never When receiving the Larim quest from Sir Nevalle, respond "I will attend to it at once."
±1 II Crossroad Keep When Sand offers to upgrade the Construct (if you fail the craft alchemy check), tell him to go ahead (+1), or tell him not to touch it (-1). As of version 1.03, you can gain (or lose) this influence as many times as you'd like.
-5 III Circle of the Mere When Elanee decides to leave your party, attack her.
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting companions to come with you to destroy the bridges, choose Qara after Sand and tell Qara "I'm warning you" (+1), or tell Qara "Throwing spells around is exactly what I want" (-1).
-1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting companions to fight with you on the walls, choose Sand after Qara and tell him "Try to give Qara room to cast spells."