Companions: Okku



Lawful neutral fey fighter

Starting Ability Scores:

37 STR, 12 DEX, 27 CON, 9 INT, 12 WIS, 16 CHA


If you suppress your hunger when facing Okku at Mulsantir Gate, then he'll survive the encounter and offer to join your party.

Best Quotes:

"We will end this curse, flesh and fur together."

"I can smell rotting and corruption in the air -- and it isn't you, spirit-eater."


Amt Act Location Situation
-6 II N/A When first talking to Okku, tell him "My wrath is terrible."
+6, -11 II N/A When first talking to Okku, say "I will control the curse" (+6), or tell him "It's too bad you were so easily beaten -- twice" (-11).
6 II N/A After threatening Okku, ask him "How do I know you won't turn on me?" (+6), or apologize or say "Do not test my mercy" (-6).
-11 II N/A When talking about Nakata, call her "weak" or tell Okku "You need to drop your grudge."
+6, 11 II N/A After apologizing about Nakata, tell Okku "name your punishment" (+11), or say "I knew nothing of my hunger" (+6), announce "I have nothing left to say on this matter" (-11).
-11 II N/A Tell Okku that you're hungry and ask him to summon a spirit for you.
6 II Mulsantir When you talk to the spirit badger outside the Ice Troll Lodge, allow Okku to growl at it (+6), or not (-6).
+6 II Mulsantir When talking to Sheva Whitefeather after facing Okku at Mulsantir Gate, call Okku your "ally."
+6 II Wells of Lurue Shortly after arriving, tell Okku "We'll search these gorges until we find them."
-6 II Wells of Lurue When talking to Okku's ancestors, call them "more talking bears."
+11 II Wells of Lurue When talking to Okku's ancestors, pass the diplomacy check that starts with "Honored ancestors."
+15, -6, -11 II Wells of Lurue When talking to Okku's ancestors, say "Okku deserves to be punished" or ask the ancestors what they would have done (+15), or ask "Why must that answer be death?" (-6), or suggest "Perhaps he is a traitor" (-11).
+6, -11 II The Burning Grove Tell the Shape of Fire that you plan to put out the flames (+6), or agree to help the Shape of Fire (-11).
11, -6 II N/A When discussing Okku's clan, say "I think you did what was right" (+11), or say "It was wrong to defy their will" (-6), or say "Don't concern yourself with their fates" or "I say good riddance to them" (-11).
+15 II Ashenwood Tell Gnarlthorn that you have brought Chauntea's salve to restore the blighted trees.
+6 II Ashenwood When you meet the Wood Man, bow to him.
25 II Ashenwood When you meet the Wood Man, heal him (+25), or devour his spirit (-25).
6 II N/A When you talk to Okku after meeting the Wood Man, tell him "I'll ask you to finish me off first" (+6), or say "I'll enjoy defeating you for a third time" (-6).
+6, -11 II Nightshore When Fentomy talks about his need for a golem, say that you don't tolerate slavery (+6), or offer up Okku instead (-11).
+6 II Nightshore Ask Okku to carry Count Crowroost's coffin through the shadow portal.
-6 II Nightshore When talking to the Telthor pack leader, say "I do not follow Okku. He follows me."
+6, -11 II Nightshore When talking to the Telthor pack leader, say "Something needs to be done here" (+6), or say "Calm down, Okku" (-11).
11, +6 II N/A After visiting the Slumbering Coven, tell Okku "I have no choice" (+11), or say "If that's a compliment, thank you" (+6), or talk about the "advantages" of your hunger (-11).
+11, -15 II Academy Classrooms Refuse to demonstrate your spirit-eating ability for Master Inarus' students (+11), or don't refuse (-15).
+11 II Academy Instructors' Quarters Return Bebtu's soul to him.
+11 II Academy Classrooms Allow Artesh to keep his soul after winning it in a bet.
+6, -11 III N/A After meeting the Founder, tell Okku "Akachi's punishment far outweighed his crime" (+6), or say "I don't want to be free of this hunger" (-11).
+11 III Academy Founder's Sanctum Escort Ammon Jerro to the exit portal.

Influence Bonuses (Okku):

Influence Bonus
Supportive (25) +2 Will Saves
Loyal (50) +4 Will Saves, Immunity to Fear
Devoted (75) +6 Will Saves, Immunity to Fear, Immunity to Mind-Affecting Spells, Regeneration +4

Influence Bonuses (You):

Influence Bonus
Loyal (50) +2 Will Saves, +1 Constitution, +10% Bonus to Suppress
Devoted (75) +4 Will Saves, Immunity to Fear, +2 Constitution, +20% Bonus to Suppress


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