Mulsantir Gate (Okku Battle)

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When you exit the city, Gann will give you a plan of attack. You can also get this plan from him at any time by talking to him. Basically, in the battle ahead you'll face Okku and a bunch of spirits and dryads (#1). Okku will be immune to damage, and the others will just keep replenishing themselves. But eventually, once you've killed enough spirits and dryads, Okku will become vulnerable, and you'll be able to defeat him.

The battle shouldn't be too difficult. If you buff up ahead of time (with, say, a Persistent Haste and more) then you should be able to beat up on the spirits quickly, and make Okku vulnerable before you've taken too much damage. If things are going especially well for you, then you might want to ignore Okku when he becomes vulnerable, and just keep attacking the spirits and dryads to gain some extra volatile essences and experience points. But eventually, even if you're trying to avoid it, Okku will take enough damage and surrender to you.

When Okku speaks to you after the battle, you'll be given a choice: to suppress your hunger and spare Okku, or to devour his spirit. This is an important decision, because it will shape certain parts of the campaign. Suppressing your affliction is easier than feeding it (because then your craving will be less), but feeding your affliction will give you special essences that you can use to craft powerful items.

If you spare Okku, then he will become available as a companion. If you devour Okku's spirit, then you'll receive Okku's Essence and a Spirit Husk. The essence will allow you to enchant a belt with +10 strength (once you've gained the Mold Spirit feat), and the husk will allow you to recruit a different companion in Okku's place. Either way, you'll earn 4000 experience points after the battle. Then when you re-enter Mulsantir, Act Two will start up.

  1. Entrance to Mulsantir.
  2. World exit.