Immil Vale

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1 - Red Tree

When you approach the red tree, you'll be met by a pair of spirit witches, Tamlish and Imshar. They'll give you lots of background information -- about spirit-eaters, about witches, about petitioning the gods, and more -- and they'll also tell you that a bheur (an ice hag) might be hiding in the area, and they'll ask you to track her down and remove her. You'll find the bheur in the abandoned mine (#5).

Mostly though, the red tree is here so you can petition the gods. If you've created an anointing solution (described in the Ashenwood section), and if you've used it on yourself, then clicking on the trunk of the red tree will start the process. If you petition Malar, then you'll receive a Toxic Plantbane of the Beastlord. If you petition Chauntea, then you'll receive a Blessed Salve of the Earthmother. Either way, you'll also receive 1500 experience points.

2 - Mosstone

If you rest while next to the Mosstone, then you'll immediately be taken to a dreamscape. You won't actually rest. If Gann is in your party, then he'll join you.

Inside the dreamscape, you'll meet some former spirit-eaters who are guarding a Red Woman. If you listen to the spirit-eaters, then you'll hear some familiar stories, since they're the ones who caused most of the havoc in the Ashenwood. But regardless of what you say, the spirit-eaters will eventually attack you.

After the battle, the Red Woman will talk to you. She'll call herself a "memory of love," but before you can ask her many questions, she'll hand you a Mask Fragment (Red Woman), you'll earn 1000 experience points, and the dream will come to an end. There are three mask fragments in total, but you won't be able to use them until the end of the campaign.

3 - Chest

Inside the chest here you'll find the bracers Gnarlthorn's Sacrifice.

4 - Glass Counter

Inside the glass counter you'll find Hulmarra's Emerald.

5 - Bheur

When you meet up with her, the bheur will attempt to make a deal with you (in between bouts of insulting your manners). She'll ask you to convince the witch spirits at the red tree (#1) that she has left the area. If you do, then she'll give you an item that will help you to defeat the Shape of Fire (located in the Ashenwood). All you'll need to do is remove any evidence of ice outside the mine.

There are five spots that you'll need to fix up: two pools of frozen water, a frozen waterfall (to the right of the mine entrance), snow at the mine entrance, and snow at the base of a nearby tree. If you have a weapon that does fire damage (or a Torch), then you can melt all of the icy spots using melee attacks. Otherwise, fire spells will work as well.

Once you've cleared away the ice, you'll just need to travel to the witch spirits and tell them that the bheur has left the area. If the witches believe you, then they'll give you the cloak Forestqueen's Blessing. If you fail the bluff/lie check, then you'll have to attempt to devour their spirits. The witches will quickly leave, so you won't actually devour anything, but forcing them to abandon their post will appease the bheur. Then when you return to the bheur, she'll reward you with 1000 experience points and a Jar of Condensed Orglash Essences.

Of course, helping the bheur is basically chaotic and evil. If those words don't describe the character you're playing, then you can also just kill the bheur when you first meet her. For that case you'll earn about 1200 experience points, the bheur will drop the Jar of Condensed Orglash Essences when she dies, and the witch spirits will give you the cloak Forestqueen's Blessing when you bring them the news.

Note: If you help the bheur, you can use the Provoke Spirits feat to attack the three orglashes in the room with her.

  1. Entrance to the abandoned mine.
  2. World exit.