Mulsantir (Act Two)

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1 - House

Inside the house you'll meet five spellcasters practicing their spells. They'll be unhappy to see you, and, if you talk to them (and pass some lore and diplomacy checks), you'll learn that they're essentially working as spies. If you convince them to go home, then you'll receive 250 experience points plus a Staff of Valmaxian and an Amulet of Natural Armor +4. If you attack them, then you'll earn over 500 experience points, and you'll also find some nice equipment, including the two items from the diplomatic approach, plus Bracers of Armor +6, a Robe of the Archmagi, and a Ring of Regeneration. You can also pick up several spell scrolls in the house.

Note: The dialogue here can be a little bit misleading. There isn't any way to report the spies to the witches (#4).

2 - Madatov House

When you enter the house, you'll witness a conversation between Lady Daniyarra and Baumar Madatov, where they'll talk about Baumar's daughter Yelina. After Daniyarra leaves, when you talk to Baumar yourself, you'll find out that Yelina claims that she's spoken to an animal named Misha, and that Daniyarra wants to test her to see if she can become a witch. Yelina, obviously, won't want to go, and Baumar will ask you to help.

To convince Yelina to be tested, you'll need to be able to do one of two things: cast a magic spell to show Yelina that magic is fun, or pass a lore/wisdom check to tell Yelina that if she goes she might meet up with her brother Yevik. For completing the task, you'll earn 1000 experience points. There does not appear to be an evil way to complete the encounter, although you can get yourself thrown out of the house.

If you loot the chests in the house, you'll find a Ring of Clear Thought +3 and a Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt.

3 - Avolov House

In this house you'll meet Gabi Avolov, who will tell you that her grandmother is missing. You won't receive a quest to find the grandmother, but you might meet her later in the act.

4 - Temple of the Three

Talking to Sheva Whitefeather here will complete the man quest "Wrath of the Bear God" and earn you 4000 experience points. Sheva will also tell you what she knows of spirit-eating, and she'll suggest that you talk to the Wood Man in Ashenwood. To help you out, she'll give you permission to use the witchboat in the harbor (Exit E).

After dealing with the Wood Man, when you return to Sheva, you'll receive 4000 experience points for completing the quest "Ancient Knowledge." If you devoured the Wood Man's spirit, then Sheva won't attack you, but she will command the witches to stop supporting you, and you'll no longer be able to use Katya or Mother Feodorra as shopkeepers. The witchboat (Exit E), however, will still work for you. If you healed the Wood Man, then the witches will apologize to you, and Sheva will either give you an Amulet of Natural Armor +5 (if you didn't save Dalenka) or the amulet Hilaiyreen (if you did).

5 - Ku'arra

Early in Act Two (after talking to the witches at #4), a young girl named Ku'arra will show up at the front gate (Exit A). When you approach her, she'll tell you that her tribe has information about your "gift," and she'll invite you to meet them at the Wells of Lurue.

  1. Exit to Mulsantir Gate.
  2. Entrance to the Veil Theater.
  3. Entrance to the Ice Troll Lodge. For fun, if you spared Okku at the end of Act I, then you might want to try talking to the spirit badger in front of the lodge.
  4. Shadow portal to Shadow Mulsantir. As before, these portals will only appear at night.
  5. Witchboat to Ashenwood. Sheva Whitefeather (#4) will give you permission to use the boat, but you'll still need to talk to Vaszil (next to the boat) -- and perhaps pay him -- to learn the "wendersnaven" password necessary to board it.