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Area Note

You'll only be able to reach Thaymount after visiting the Slumbering Coven in Coveya Kurg'annis. The Coven will let you know that Thaymount is a possible destination for the Fourth Door in the Shadow Theater, and then you'll be able to direct the Keeper of Doors to let you go there.


There isn't much to see here. You'll just need to fight your way through a bunch of elite guards and wyverns as you make your way to the Academy entrance (Exit B). The guards won't drop much -- the captain will have a Halberd +5 and Adamantine Full Plate while the grunts will only drop gold -- but you'll receive a nice collection of fire and power essences from the wyverns. You'll also encounter some maverick fire elementals along the way. The elementals will start out neutral, but you can provoke them if you want to fight them.

You won't have too many combat opportunities inside the Academy, so it's best to enter with your spirit meter full.

1 - Ambush

The defenders might try to ambush you here. If so, just bash down the gates to keep moving forward.

  1. Portal to the Shadow Theater.
  2. Entrance to the Academy Classrooms.