Gameplay Notes

We wrote this walkthrough using version 1.10 of the game. We also used the default difficulty setting.

Spirit Eating

Starting in Act Two, resting will severely diminish your spirit energy. A cheaper way to do the same thing is to travel. Even though traveling from one location to another will take two or more game days, it will only reduce your energy by about two game hours, and you'll still heal and memorize spells.

As a corollary to the above, you should also use your spirit feats before traveling because they'll reset, too.

Because of how spirit eating works, it's easiest to play the campaign with a lawful good character.

If you try to suppress your spirit eating affliction, you'll have an easier time dealing with it because your craving will be less. If you feed your affliction, you'll receive special essences that can be used to craft powerful items.

If your craving is 0%, then you'll only lose 1 point of spirit energy per game hour. If your craving is 100%, then you'll lose 6 points per hour.

As the campaign progresses, you'll receive a variety of feats for dealing with spirits, essences, and your hunger.

If you really hate dealing with spirit energy, you can use console commands to turn it off. Just enter the following lines into the console:
debugmode 1
rs ka_se_terminate
debugmode 0
If you later decide that you'd like it back on, you can type
debugmode 1
rs ka_se_init
debugmode 0
The latter command will also reset your spirit meter to its original setting (with low craving and 100 energy), and so you can use it as an alternative to the Satiate feat.


You can create a new character for the campaign, and you'll be allowed to advance it to level 18 before starting.

Because crafting works differently in Mask of the Betrayer, the crafting skills are mostly useless.

Similarly, while Sleight of Hand brought back some minor rewards in the original campaign, 99% of the NPCs in Mask of the Betrayer either can't be robbed or aren't carrying anything, and so the skill isn't very helpful.

Certain spots in the game are considered "dangerous" to rest in, and you can use these spots to generate as many enemies as you'd care to kill. That means it's possible for any character to reach level 30 in the campaign.

The new "male, dramatic" voice is Sand's voice.