Wells of Lurue

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1 - Farm

You'll meet a farmer named Janiik in front of the farmhouse here. If Gann isn't in your party, then you won't be able to do much with the farmer, although if you're diplomatic you can convince him to tell you about his daughter, who was apparently seduced by a hagspawn named Gannayev. If Gann is with you, then Janiik will recognize him, and he'll demand that you view with your own eyes what Gann did to his daughter.

Inside the farmhouse you'll meet the daughter Anya. She'll be lost in a dream with "Sir Ganneyev," and she won't make a lot of sense when you talk to her. Gann will have a suspicion about what is going on, but he'll suggest that you leave Anya alone until she wakes up from the dream she has created. However, you won't actually be able to do anything with Anya until you've visited the Sunken City and picked up the Hag Eye from the Skein. The Hag Eye will allow you to enter Anya's dream (with Gann's help), and there you'll be able to confront and defeat Sir Ganneyev, the dream version of Gann that Anya created for herself. This will snap Anya out of her dream.

After the encounter, when you return to Janiik, he'll reward you with an Ice Troll Helmet and 2500 experience points. If you managed to handle the situation diplomatically (by having Gann express his love for Anya better than Sir Ganneyev or by using wisdom to prove that Sir Ganneyev doesn't really exist), then you'll also receive a Foxheart Buckler.

Note: You might need to wait until night to complete some parts of Anya's quest. If Anya never falls asleep for you, then you can try using the following console commands:
debugmode 1
rs ka_enter_dreamscape()
rs ga_jump_players("b14_wp_from_b13", 1, 0)
debugmode 0
We've never needed to use these commands, but apparently they'll fix the problem for you.

If you're evil, then when you talk to Anya you'll be given the option of killing her, and you can use this option as an alternative to entering her dream. If you do kill Anya, then you'll earn 2500 experience points, but the act will cause Janiik to burst into the house with six of his "telthor siblings," and you'll have to fight all of them. Fortunately, they'll all be gathered at one spot, making them easy prey for area-effect spells, and it should not take you very long to kill them. On Janiik's corpse you'll find an Ice Troll Helmet.

2 - Ku'arra

You'll meet Ku'arra here (#2), and she'll lead you east to U'juk, the headman of the Hill Tribe (#2a). When you reach U'juk, you'll learn that he is uthraki (sort of an ape-like cannibal creature) rather than human, and you'll earn 1500 experience points. Then, depending on what you did with Okku at the end of Act One, one of two things will happen.

If you spared Okku, then U'juk will tell you that you're the main course at the big feast tonight, and that maybe this time the spirit-eater curse will pass on to him. Then he and his two wives will attack you. This should not be a difficult battle, and afterwards you'll find the light shield Witchblessed on U'juk's corpse. As you make your way out of the camp, you'll have to fight a few more uthraki, and you'll have to decide what to do with Ku'arra and the other children. If you kill the children, then you'll become slightly more evil, and you'll get a few experience points and volatile essences. If you let the children go, then you won't get anything.

If you devoured Okku's spirit, then U'juk will be pleased to see you, because he'll sense that you're planning to use the "gift" in the right way. But U'juk will notice that you're missing an ability that other, more powerful spirit-eaters have possessed, and he'll offer to teach it to you, provided that you can "exchange knowledge for blood" by luring some sentient creatures into the Hill Tribe's camp. You'll find such creatures -- a family of Shou merchants -- at Mulsantir Gate. After purchasing a new wagon for them, you can tell them about a "shortcut" through the Wells of Lurue, and that will lead them right to the Hill Tribe.

Note: You can bluff Radu and Vyk from the Ice Troll Lodge into going to the Hill Tribe instead of (or along with) the Shou family.

When you return to the Wells of Lurue, you'll find the Shou family's wagon inside the Hill Tribe's camp, and if you click on it then you'll find some equipment inside, including the Blessings of Bhalla, Longstrider's Steps, and Imaedril's Respite. Then when you talk to U'juk again, you'll receive 2500 experience points, and he'll teach you the Devour Soul feat, which you can use to feed on all living creatures -- including U'juk, if you so choose. If you devour U'juk's soul, then you'll receive U'juk's Essence, which, when molded with a bar of Adamantine, will produce the Ring of the Uthraki.

3 - Bear Spirits

At this spot you'll encounter the spirits of three of Okku's ancestors. If you devoured Okku's spirit in Act One, then the ancestor spirits will simply attack you, and you'll receive about 500 experience points, Nentyarch's Band, 3 Brilliant Water Essences, and more for killing them.

Note: As of version 1.10, if you have Gann in your party, then he'll break the short conversation leading up to the battle, and the ancestor spirits won't attack you. But you can just use Provoke Spirits to make them fight.

If you spared Okku in Act One, then the ancestor spirits will want to talk to him, and if he's not in your party, then you'll have to go back to Mulsantir Gate to get him. During the ensuing conversation, you'll learn about the barrow where you started the campaign, and how Okku and the previous spirit-eater attempted to trap the curse there. Okku's ancestors won't really understand or appreciate the gesture, and you'll have to talk them out of the idea of attacking you. If you do, then you'll earn 1000 experience points for talking to the spirits plus 1000 experience points more for handling them diplomatically. If you can't talk the ancestor spirits out of the battle, then you'll still get 1000 experience points for talking to them, but the fight will go exactly as if you had devoured Okku's spirit, and the reward will be the same.

After dealing with the ancestor spirits (one way or the other), if you touch one of the nearby pools (they're the "Wells of Lurue" that give the area its name), then you'll be transferred into a dream version of the Lower Barrow. If Gann is in your party, and if he passes an influence check, then he'll appear in the dreamscape with you.

Inside the dreamscape, you'll twice talk to an old man, and you'll eventually learn that he was the spirit-eater before you -- the one who attempted to end the curse by sealing it into Okku's Barrow. After that you'll have to fight two greater shadows and a shadow reaver (which should be easy), and then you'll meet a boy who will introduce himself as Araman, Akachi's brother. However, before you can ask him many questions, he'll hand you a Mask Fragment (Boy), and you'll be returned to the Wells of Lurue. There are three mask fragments in total, but you won't be able to use them until the end of the campaign.

4 - Witches

Regardless of whether you're good or evil, devourer or suppresser, the witches here will first talk to you and then attack you. They should be pretty easy to kill, and you'll find a Malarite Totem and more on their remains.

If for some reason you have trouble with the witches, then intimidating them will cause half of them to leave. If you have Okku in your party, then he'll pass the intimidate check even if you fail it.

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