Academy Founder's Sanctum

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1 - Myrkulites

One of the Myrkulites here will drop an Eldritch Charm when it dies.

2 - Chest

Inside the chest here you'll find a Kepeturi Crest.

3 - Araman

You'll meet up with Araman again here. He'll tell you that the Founder was Akachi's lover -- and the whole reason for the Betrayer's Crusade -- and that that's why he's been hunting her. Then, no matter what you say to him, he'll attack you.

This battle with Araman and his minions should be about as difficult as the other skirmishes you've had with Myrkulites in the sanctum -- that is, it shouldn't cause you any problems at all. You'll find a Chromatic Crown on Araman's corpse. It isn't possible to collect Araman's Essence here.

4 - Founder

The Founder will reveal to you the answers to many mysteries -- why you were placed in the barrow, why Safiya hears voices, and more -- but she'll explain that everything she did was out of love for Akachi, and to save him of his unfair punishment. Then the Founder will give you the Silver Sword of Gith so that you might pass through the Betrayer's Gate and finally put an end to the curse, and you'll receive 5000 experience points.

You can also kill the Founder here -- plus Safiya, too, if you're evil. If you have the Devour Soul feat, then you'll get a dialogue option for devouring the Founder's soul, but if you try to use it, then you'll discover that Akachi won't let you, and so you'll have to fight her (or them) the regular way.

Note: Unverified by us, but apparently if you devoured Myrkul's soul in the Boneyard, then you'll have enough strength to devour the Founder's soul as well.

If you decide to attack only the Founder, then you'll automatically kill her in one hit, but then the golems in the room will rise up and attack you. If you decide to attack Safiya, too, then you'll have to fight the Founder, Safiya, and the golems at the same time, but this is the only way that you'll be able to collect Safiya's Essence and the Founder's Essence (by damaging them and then using Devour Soul or Spirit Gorge).

The battle here shouldn't be too difficult, even if you're fighting Safiya and the Founder. Just take out the spellcasters first, and then mop up the rest. Once everybody is dead, you'll find Red Guard bracers on the Founder's corpse. What you won't find is the Broken Ring that you're supposed to use with the Founder's Essence. So far as we know, that ring never appears in the campaign.

5 - Storage Room

You'll find Thayan Knight Halfplate and a Mourningring inside this room.

  1. Portal to the Boneyard.
  2. Teleporter.
  3. Teleporter.
  4. Teleporter.
  5. Portal to the Shadow Theater.