Ice Troll Lodge

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There are two ways you can deal with the Ice Troll berserkers. You can kill them, or you can try to join them. For the former, just walk up to Jurak (#3) and challenge the berserkers to a fight. Jurak won't believe you at first, but just keep it up and eventually everybody will attack you. The berserkers shouldn't be all that tough to kill if you have some area effect spells at your disposal, but once they're all dead, the spirit badger from outside the lodge will come in and turn into an "angry badger." The angry badger is surprisingly tough, and it'll probably be able to kill you and your companions in a couple of hits each. The easiest way to deal with the badger is to run around behind the tables in the lodge and let it chase you. It's so big that eventually it will get stuck, and then you can just pelt it with spells until it dies (the Harm spell works pretty well against it). For defeating the berserkers and the badger, you'll get a bunch of experience, and you'll also find lots of good equipment, like an Amulet of the Master, Bracers of Armor +8, the Heart of Rashemen, and a Belt of Storm Giant Strength.

You can also attempt to join the berserkers. To do this you'll still need to talk to Jurak (#3), but this time you should ask him how to join the lodge. He'll tell you that you'll need to pass three initiation tests, one each at Yulia (#2), Forovan (#5), and Lena (#6). If you complete their tests, then you'll earn the Ice Troll Berserker feat, which will improve your AC when you rage (and not do anything if you can't rage). For completing the initiation tests, you'll also be allowed to take more advanced versions of the tests, and, while you won't receive a feat for completing them, you will get some decent equipment.

Note: As of version 1.10, if you complete an advanced test before getting the Ice Troll Berserker feat, then you'll break the dialogue with Jurak, and he'll never award the feat.

1 - Yagor and Aleksei

When you talk to Yagor, he'll tell you that Aleksei has been very "lucky" in his dart playing of late, and he'll suspect that Aleksei is cheating. If you're skilled enough at spellcraft (or spot or sleight of hand), then you'll detect a magical enchantment on the darts, and when you relay this information to Yagor, he'll reward you with 10 Arrows of Petrification.

2 - Yulia

Yulia is the "ice queen." She'll judge how well you can withstand the cold. For her first test you'll need to stand in a tub of freezing water for a short time. You'll be stripped of your equipment, including your inventory (so your Orglash Crystal won't help you), and any spells on you will be removed. Then during each round of the test you'll take 25 cold damage, and you'll have to last for 10 rounds. If you survive, then you'll earn 500 experience points. After the test, you'll find your equipment in the chest next to the tub.

Yulia's test is difficult -- at least how it's envisioned, since it requires a lot of hit points and probably some natural resistances to beat it. But there's a trick, of course. If you have a companion (such as Gann) cast Energy Immunity (Cold) on you, and then quickly talk to Yulia and start the test, your companion will cast the spell on you after you've been dispelled, and so you'll have the immunity for the test and not take any damage at all.

For Yulia's second test, you'll have to withstand a "supernatural" cold, which means you'll take 70 cold damage each round, and you'll have to last for 5 rounds. The same trick will work here as before. Surviving the test will grant you 500 more experience points and a Ring of Major Cold Resistance (which is an odd reward since you just demonstrated you don't need it).

You can also talk to Yulia about the other members of the lodge. If you ask her about Forovan, then she'll let you know that his left arm is weaker than his right arm, which can help you when you take his test.

3 - Jurak

Jurak is the leader of the berserkers. He's the one you should talk to if you want to fight the berserkers or attempt to join them.

4 - Radu and Vyk

At this spot you'll meet Radu the Untested and Beardless Vyk, the youngest and weakest of the berserkers. When you talk to them, they'll ask you to help them get noticed. The only thing we've found that you can do is to spar with them, but for that you won't really get a reward (just some Ale if you talk to them afterwards), so there might be a better way to handle them.

5 - Forovan

Forovan will judge your strength. In his first test, he'll arm-wrestle you. If you have about 25 strength (including spells and equipment), then you should be able to beat him fair and square. If you fail in the test, then the next time you challenge him, you can ask that he use his left arm, assuming that you've learned from Yulia (#2) that his left arm is weaker. For this case you'll only need about 20 strength. If you can pass Forovan's test, then you'll earn 500 experience points.

For Forovan's second test, you'll need to arm-wrestle him again, but this time he'll rage first, and you won't be able to ask him to use his left arm. You'll need about 35 strength to pass this test. When you do, Forovan will give you a Belt of Storm Giant Strength.

6 - Lena

Lena will judge your prowess in combat. In her first test you'll have to fight Radu, Forovan, Yulia, and Jurak. You won't be dispelled or anything like that before the battles, so be sure to buff up first. You can also cast some fog spells or something like Blade Barrier over the combat ring. For beating the test, you'll receive 500 experience points.

For Lena's second test, you'll have to fight one of Nak'kai's pets, Forovan again, then Lena, and finally Sergei. If you can beat all of them, then you'll receive 500 experience points and a falchion called the Transcendent Edge.

7 - Sergei

Sergei will sleep through everything -- even the big battle if you attack the berserkers. The only time you'll see him awake is during Lena's advanced test (#6).

8 - Nak'kai the Shaman

Nak'kai won't want to talk to you until after you've dealt with the spirit army outside of the city. At that point, when you return to him, he'll tell you what he knows about spirit eaters, including that he once met one, and he offer you a deal: if you bring him 3 Brilliant Spirit Essences, then he'll strengthen Okku (if Okku is still around), or he'll commune with the spirits to learn of a way to lessen the curse (if Okku isn't).

However, Nak'kai is more "sham" than "shaman," and if you bring him the essences, you won't get any sort of a reward (except for 500 experience points). Worse, if you devoured Okku's spirit, then bringing the essences to Nak'kai will cause him to turn the entire lodge against you, even if you passed the initiation tests, and you'll have to fight the berserkers and the angry badger, just as if you had challenged them to a fight.

The berserker fight is one of the best battles in the campaign, and it's worth 3 Brilliant Spirit Essences to participate in it. But if all you're going to get is a fake blessing for Okku, you might want to skip Nak'kai's quest and save the essences for something useful.

  1. Exit to Mulsantir.