Eternity's End

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If you joined the attackers...

When you arrive at this location, you'll find Rammaq nearby, and he'll ask you to find two books for him: the Tome of Ka'Tai and the Tome of the Dolorous Sage. These books will allow him to become a god, which might not be such a good thing, and so you'll have to decide if you want to help him or not.

If you picked Eternity's End as your first destination to attack, then you'll be able to acquire both books. You'll find them in the northern and eastern vaults (#1). If Eternity's End wasn't your first destination, then you'll only find one of the books. The book in the northern vault will still be there, but when you visit the eastern vault, the Vault Keeper there will tell you that he hid his book, and you won't be able to find it.

Note: If you visit the southern vault, then you'll get ambushed by a knight named Kelthanos, and he'll drop a Talisman of Pure Good and a Belt of Storm Giant Strength when he dies.

Each time you find a book, you can either collect it for Rammaq or sabotage it in some way. If you deliver both books to Rammaq, then he'll reward you with 4000 experience points plus a Dire Totem of the Beastlands, and he'll send an ally of his to help you at the Wall of the Faithless. If you sabotage the books, then you'll only receive 2000 experience points, and Rammaq might detect betrayal in your eyes. If he does, then he'll attack you, and you'll find a Deathless Diadem on his remains.

What you do with Rammaq won't really affect the remainder of the campaign. What it will change is the ending that you'll see for Kaelyn. If you don't kill Rammaq, then he'll eventually betray Kaelyn, causing her death.

If you joined the defenders...

When you arrive at Eternity's End, you'll be met by a knight named Kelthanos. He'll tell you that the Crusaders are overrunning the area, and that Rammaq has been seen searching through the vaults (#1). This area will play out the same regardless of whether you arrive here first or not, and you'll always find Rammaq in the third vault that you enter.

Rammaq is tough to damage, but he won't do a lot of damage in return, and so the battle with him shouldn't be particularly tough, although it might take a while. When Rammaq dies you'll receive about 3000 experience points for killing him, plus 2000 more experience points for protecting this region of the city. You'll also find a Deathless Diadem on Rammaq's corpse.

At the Temple of Kelemvor...

Once you've attacked or defended all three locations in the City of Judgment, a messenger will show up and tell you that the Scrivener would like to meet you inside the Temple of Kelemvor (#2). When you get there, the Scrivener will pretty much just let you take a look at the Codex of the Doomed (in the room behind him), which will reveal the location of your soul in the Wall of the Faithless and mark that spot on the world map. Reading the Codex will also grant you 2500 experience points.

Note: If you joined the attackers, then you'll be given the option of killing the Scrivener, but he won't drop anything and he's not worth very much experience. If you loot the sarcophagus behind the Codex, then you'll find Steadfast Chain and a Longsword +5.

When you leave the temple, you might get ambushed. If you joined the attackers, then Araman will always attack you here. If you joined the defenders, and if Kaelyn was in your party at the time, then she and her two siblings will attack you here. Neither of these battles should be particularly difficult.

Note: We suspect that this is where you're supposed to be able to pick up Araman's Essence and Kaelyn's Essence, but for some reason we weren't able to (Devour Soul and Spirit Gorge insisted that Araman and Kaelyn were invalid targets).

Another Note: It's possible that if you fight Kaelyn here, then her grandfather will intervene and attack you if you don't spare her. We got the grandfather to show up once in about a dozen tries, but we have no idea why it happened that one time and not the others.

1 - Vaults

2 - Temple of Kelemvor

  1. World exit.