Mulsantir Gate (First Visit)

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Area Note

When you arrive at Mulsantir Gate, Safiya will tell you that you're here to meet Lienna, a friend of her mother's, who might be able to tell you how you ended up in the barrow. Safiya will also let you know that the people of Mulsantir do not think highly of Red Wizards of Thay, and she'll switch from her red robes to a disguise. Safiya's Robes are better than Safiya's Disguise, but she'll switch from the former to the latter every time you enter the city. When you eventually find Safiya some better robes, she'll stop switching to the disguise.


1 - Imaskari Golem

If you animated the Imaskari Golem in the Middle Barrow, then you'll find its inert body on the ground here. There isn't any way to repair the golem, but you'll find a Volatile Air Essence on its corpse, and so its legacy will live on.

2 - Dirt Mounds

You'll uncover some odds and ends in these dirt mounds.

3 - Shelvedar Nuum

You'll find the merchant Shelvedar Nuum and his cart stuck in the mud outside the city gate (Exit A). When you talk to him, he'll mention "an army of angry spirits" and "an angry beast god," which should cause some alarm bells to go off in your head. Shelvedar will also offer to sell you some items, like a Greater Magic Bag and an Amulet of the Master, but if you only want to sell stuff, unless you can pass a bluff check, you'll get better prices inside Mulsantir.

Once you've passed through the gate and entered Lienna's theater, Shelvedar will enter the city as well, and you'll find him inside a tavern named The Sloop. Shelvedar will sell all of his wares when he gets inside the city, and so this is the only time when you'll be able to shop with him.

  1. Entrance to Mulsantir.
  2. World exit.