The Veil Theater (Act One)

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1 - Red Wizard

When you enter the theater, a red wizard will confront you. We've heard that you can intimidate the wizard into leaving, but we've never been able to do it. That means you'll probably have to fight him, plus his four gnoll friends. Safiya can likely handle most of the battle by herself (with Delayed Blast Fireballs or Meteor Swarms or whatever you happen to like), as long as you can keep the gnolls off of her.

After the battle, a dwarven woman named Magda will approach you. She'll say that Lienna probably escaped through the shadow portal in the back room (Exit B), and she'll ask you to follow. She'll also give you a Shadow Stone so you can use the portal yourself. Then Magda and the other actors will leave the theater. You won't be able to follow them since the front door (Exit A) won't open until you've found Lienna (at #10). However, it's perfectly safe to rest on the stage.

2 - Conversation

Safiya will hear a scream in her mind when you reach this spot. If you tell Safiya that she doesn't need to confide in you about the voices she hears, then you'll gain some influence with her -- and she'll turn around and confide in you.

3 - Lock Box

You'll find a Doss Lute and a Fochluchan Bandore inside the box.

4 - Armoires

You'll find a Greater Robe of Eyes and some gold in the two armoires here.

5 - Maskmaker's Worktable

You'll find a Greater Mask of Persuasion on the worktable.

6 - Red Wizard

You'll face another red wizard here, but he should be easier than the first. You can also loot some shelves and chests here.

7 - Locked Door

You won't be able to go through this door until Act Two.

8 - Operating Table

You'll recognize this operating table as where the silver shard was removed from your chest. If you touch the table and pass a constitution check (16 constitution is enough), then you'll have a vision of the operation, and you'll earn 250 experience points. In the vision you'll see two women, one dressed in red and the other in white, and the red woman will say that the shard was removed "for love."

9 - Ornate Chests

You'll find Boots of Hardiness +3 and some gold in the two chests.

10 - Khai Khmun

You'll encounter two more red wizards here. One of them, Khai Khmun, will claim that Lienna destroyed herself rather than face him, and that Safiya's mother is also dead. No matter how you respond to him, he and his friend will attack you.

The most important thing to remember in the battle is to focus on the two red wizards first, and then worry about any erinyes or mummies who are helping them. When the wizards die, they'll drop a Belt of Raumathar and some other odds and ends.

After the battle, Safiya will start up a conversation with you, and you'll be given a few opportunities to gain or lose influence with her (generally speaking, praising her is good and saying how much you enjoy killing red wizards is bad).

11 - Front Door

You won't be able to go through this door until Act Two.

  1. Exit to Mulsantir.
  2. Shadow portal between the Veil Theater and the Shadow Theater.