Death God's Vault

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1 - Kaelyn

This is where you'll meet Kaelyn the Dove. She'll offer to join your party.

2 - Scriptorium

You won't see much here until you ring the gong, and then several ghostly scribes will appear at the books. When you talk to the chief scribe (opposite the gong), he'll tell you a few things of interest, like why he's here, and that the key to the lower level can be found on the high priest (#6). It isn't possible to attack the scribes, but if you have the Devour Spirit feat, then you can feed on them. You'll gain 4 Volatile Spirit Essences and 1 Brilliant Spirit Essence if you do, but you'll take a big hit to your craving.

3 - Death Knights

You'll encounter three death knights here. No matter what you say, they'll attack you. One of the knights will drop a key and a Bone Dancer's Ring. You can use the key to unlock the door on the other side of the vault (#4).

4 - Locked Door

You'll need to defeat a trio of death knights (#3) to get the key to this door.

5 - Skeleton Room

You'll find a bunch of skeletons scattered around the room here. If you loot them all (plus the offering urn), then you'll find some Potions of Heal, a Stoneeater's Ring, and more.

6 - Furnace Room

When you approach the furnace, a ghostly priest will rise up out of it, and then several dread wraiths and cremated spirits will attack you. After the battle, when you talk to the priest, he'll say that it's "crowded" here, and then he'll start talking to a Child and a Brute, who are apparently stuck with him (and others) inside the furnace, and he'll ignore you. To get the priest talking again, you'll need the Devour Spirit feat, which you'll gain at the end of Act One.

When you talk to the priest again, he'll explain about the One and the Many. If you sympathize with him (by saying "You must have suffered greatly" and "Your sacrifice was not in vain"), and if you're good, then you'll gain the Eternal Rest feat, which will allow you to end the existence of undead creatures (essentially working the same as Devour Spirit, but not causing any craving). If you sympathize with the priest, but you're evil, then the game will claim that you're only "feigning sympathy" for the priest, and you won't receive the Eternal Rest feat. To complete the conversation, you'll need to use Eternal Rest or Devour Spirit on the priest.

Once the priest has been dealt with, the Child will start talking to you. He'll try to make you a deal, depending on what you've done in the past. If you spared Okku at the end of Act One, then he'll ask you to free the spirits from the furnace by provoking them to leave. If you didn't spare Okku, and if you're carrying the Spirit Husk, then he'll ask you to allow the spirits of the furnace to live inside of it instead. You can also go against the Child's wishes, and attempt to use Eternal Rest or Devour Spirit instead.

If you use Provoke Spirits, then the spirits will flee out of the furnace (the Brute might be slow to move, but he'll eventually leave, too), and then you'll find some extra dread wraiths and cremated spirits to kill in the vault. If you allow the spirits to inhabit the Spirit Husk, then you'll gain the companion One of Many. If you use Eternal Rest or Devour Spirit, then you'll only remove some of the spirits from the furnace, and the rest will attack you. These latter two options will significantly raise your spirit energy, but Devour Spirit will also send your craving to nearly 100%. Regardless of the choice you make, you'll earn 2000 experience points, and you'll be able to click on the furnace to gain the Silver Sword of Gith Replica, which is the key required to open the gate to the lower level (Exit B).

7 - Offering Chamber

You'll find no less than 16 offering urns inside the chamber. Each time you loot one, a shadow of the void will appear and attack you. Shadows of the void are worth about 1000 experience points each, so you might be able to gain a level in this room alone. Shadows of the void also produce Brilliant Spirit Essences when you use Eternal Rest or Devour Spirit on them, and so if you're patient, you can really add to your essence stockpile here.

But be careful! When you leave the room to the west or south, several vampire ancients will appear behind you and swarm to attack. Vampire ancients are tough, and they can take down spellcasters very quickly. The best way to deal with them is to select your entire party and move everybody into one of the hallways, leaving your best melee character in the doorway, blocking them out. If any of the vampires make it into the hallway, target them first. Otherwise, just use your best spells to kill them while they're stuck at the door. Undeath to Death and Sunburst are pretty effective against them.

8 - Cell

Most of the prison won't be too exciting, but in this cell you'll find Wondrous Gloves, Bracers of Armor +7, and Boots of Striding +6.

9 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the sickle Reaper's Despair.

10 - Locked Room

If Kaji is your only rogue, then you probably won't be able to get into this room. The door leading to the room can't be bashed or knocked, and its DC is out of Kaji's range, even with Greater Heroism and Cat's Grace applied.

Inside the room, you'll encounter a couple more vampire ancients, and you'll find a few more offering urns. You'll also find a chest containing the short sword Fingerbone's Name.

11 - Library

Inside the library you'll find a handful of magical scrolls, plus the Lamentations of the Dead, which will net you 500 experience points when you pick it up, and the Tome of Profane Rebirth, which you might need to deliver to Yusev at the Temple of Kelemvor in Mulsantir.

Note: As of version 1.10, every time you pick up the Lamentations of the Dead, you'll gain 500 experience points.

12 - Lich King

At this spot you'll battle a lich king, plus some mummies, vampire ancients, and death lords. The battle can be tough -- but mostly because of the staircase leading up to it, which will probably cause your companions to get stuck in a traffic jam.

The easiest way to deal with the undead creatures is to use one character as bait and have it draw the enemies back into the hallway, where you can fight them without restrictions. After the battle, when you loot the remains, you'll find a Shroud of the Elder Doom and a bunch of essences. You'll also find about 75,000 gold pieces in the sarcophagi in the room.

13 - Betrayer's Gate

You won't be able to go through this gate until later in the campaign.

  1. Exit to Shadow Mulsantir.
  2. Gate between the upper and lower levels. You'll find the key to the gate in the furnace room (#6). When you open the gate, you'll receive 4000 experience points.