Mulsantir Gate (Act Two)

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1 - Animal Spirit

You'll always find an animal spirit here, just in case you need to refresh your spirit energy before heading off somewhere.

2 - Mabata of Shou

Once you've visited the Wells of Lurue, Mabata of Shou and his family will arrive here. If you have Okku in your party, then they'll claim he's a "demon bear," and they won't talk to you. But if you approach them without Okku, then they'll tell you that a spirit army trampled their wagon, and that they need a new one.

You can purchase a wagon inside Mulsantir by talking to Azim Qo'toth at the bazaar. He'll charge you 10,000 gold pieces for it (passing the appraise check won't lower the price), but you'll get that amount back plus 1000 gold pieces when you return to Mabata. You'll also receive 1000 experience points. If you don't actually ask for the gold, then Mabata will also reward you with Longstrider's Steps. Finally, if you're working with Hill Tribe from the Wells of Lurue, then you can tell Mabata about the "shortcut" there, and send him to his fate.

  1. Gate to Mulsantir.
  2. World exit.