Wall of the Faithless

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When you arrive at the Wall of the Faithless (#1), Kelemvor will talk to you. Depending on how you reached this spot, he'll either be happy with you or disappointed in you, but he won't try to stop you.

You'll find your soul in the middle of the Wall (#2). You'll need to attack it to free it, but damaging it will cause three faithless golems to appear and attack you, and the Wall itself will also attack you using a variety of spells. The Wall will be able to hit anybody in the area, no matter where they're standing, so the best thing you can do is "kill" your soul as quickly as possible.

Note: If you rescued Ammon Jerro, he might show up to help you in the battle here. If you helped Rammaq at Eternity's End, then you might see an ally of his here as well.

Once you've done enough damage to your soul, three things will happen: your soul will fall to the ground, the Wall will stop attacking you, and you'll earn 2500 experience points. Then when you click on your freed soul, you'll receive another 2500 experience points, and you'll be sent to a dream version of Crossroad Keep.

At Crossroad Keep...

When you first arrive here, you'll meet the Red Woman. She'll tell you that the Faceless Man (aka Akachi) still clings to you, and that to rid yourself of him, you'll have to defeat him in a dreamscape. If you have the three mask fragments, then she'll add that the fragments can be used to restore Akachi to who he was, which will end the curse forever.

Note: If Safiya or Gann is with you, then one of them will join you for this sequence.

Then a mini-game will start up. You'll find your companions from the original campaign fighting a bunch of manifestations of hunger. You'll start out with a spirit energy of 100, but every time a manifestation kills one of your companions, you'll lose some energy, and so you'll need to wade right in and kill the manifestations or at least convince them to attack you rather than your companions. The manifestations aren't very tough, so some area effect spells will knock them out pretty quickly.

Note: We don't think it's possible to reach 0 spirit energy during this sequence, but whatever spirit energy you end up with will carry over to the next stage, and so it's a good idea to save at the start of the battle and only accept the outcome if your spirit energy ends up reasonably high.

Once you've defeated the manifestations of hunger, you'll find the Faceless Man on the eastern side of the courtyard, at the entrance to the keep. He'll be easy to kill here, and after the battle the doors to Crossroad Keep will open, allowing you to go inside and advance to the next stage.

At West Harbor...

This time you'll find yourself in West Harbor, with the manifestations of hunger attacking the former inhabitants of your hometown. The mini-game will go about the same here as it did before, and you'll still need to kill the manifestations quickly to keep your spirit energy high. At the end battle, when you fight the Faceless Man again, he'll be a little bit tougher to kill, but not that much tougher, and after you've defeated him a portal will appear in the southwestern corner of the area.

When you approach the portal (or perhaps right after the fight), the Red Woman and the Boy will talk to you. They'll explain that they're all that's left of Akachi -- "not just memories of his brother and his love, but pieces of his mind" -- and, if you have the three mask fragments with you, then they'll assemble them into the Mask of the Betrayer, which can help you in the final battle.

Note: West Harbor is a safe place to rest. Before going through the portal, you might want to save your game so that if the final battle with the Faceless Man goes badly, you can return here to adjust your spellbook and memorize new spells.

The final battle...

When you step through the portal, you'll find yourself in your soul. The Faceless Man will immediately charge at you, and the battle will commence. You and the Faceless Man will be able to use the Devour Spirit feat without cooldowns or limits (and the other spirit-eater feats normally), so if your spirit energy is low, you should start out with some spirit-eater attacks to build it back up.

The first four times you "kill" the Faceless Man, a shadow will split off from him and attack you. In order of appearance, you'll face Remorseless Instinct, Infinite Despair, Unrelenting Fury, and Insatiable Hunger. These shadows are optional, but it's a good idea to kill them anyway so that you can concentrate solely on the Faceless Man.

If you took advantage of the friendly crafting system and bumped up your weapon to +8 with 5d6 cold and fire damage (or whatever benefits you picked), then you might be able to simply bulldoze the Faceless Man and his shadows. Otherwise, you'll have to use some strategy.

We've found two things that work. If you cast a persistent haste before the battle, then you can have one character act as bait and run around in circles while the other one attacks the Faceless Man (assuming that you have somebody with you). The bait character should be whichever one the Faceless Man decides to attack, and you might need to switch these characters back and forth a few times before the end of the fight.

The easier solution is to cast Bigby's Crushing Hand on the Faceless Man (assuming that you can cast it or Safiya is with you). We've never seen this spell fail on him, and if he's grappled then he won't do a whole lot, and you should be able to defeat him pretty easily. You'll get 5000 experience points for defeating the Faceless Man, and if you kill him rather than concentrating on the mask, then he'll also drop Akachi's Scythe (for all the good it will do you).

After the battle, you'll have to make a choice. If you have the Mask of the Betrayer, then you can concentrate on the mask and make Akachi remember who he was, and this will give you the "good" ending. If you just kill Akachi, then you'll only cure yourself and the curse will still exist, and you'll get the "bad" ending. To see the ending, just step through the nearby portal.

Note: There are two more possible endings for your character, but we've never seen them and we're not sure what they require. In one ending you imprison Akachi in your soul, and you have to stay in the City of Judgment (this might be an option if you're good and didn't find the mask fragments). In the other ending you devour the Faceless Man's soul, and you go on to battle gods and cause other mischief (this apparently requires you to devour a lot of souls, including Myrkul's and the Founder's).

Another note: As of version 1.10, if you fell in love with Gann, then the ending won't reflect this. To see the proper ending, then after defeating the Faceless Man but before entering the portal, you'll need to open up the console and type in the following lines:
debugmode 1
rs ga_global_int("Z_b GannStays","=1")
debugmode 0
Congratulations on completing the campaign!

1 - Starting Point

2 - Your Soul