Academy Classrooms

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1 - Master Djafi

When you enter the building, Master Djafi (#1) will come up to you and warn you about recent events. He'll tell you that the wizard Araman led a coup in the Academy, and that he killed Safiya's mother Nefris along with anybody else he thought might stand in his way. However, Djafi will add that Araman has now turned his attention to the Founder, which should give you a window of opportunity to explore the Academy in peace. He'll then suggest that you talk to Master Poruset (#9) and Master Inarus (#5), since they might be willing to help you. Finally, Djafi will give Safiya a gift from her mother: Bracers of Artifice.

After the conversation, Djafi will move over to his classroom (#1a). You can talk to him some more there if you want, and he'll give you some background information on the people in the Academy (including, possibly, a funny story about Safiya), but you won't learn anything necessary for a quest.

2 - Classroom

You'll encounter a few Academy students here. After defeating them, when you loot the tables in the room, you'll find a Club of Submission and a Mysterious Device. If you use the device on any sort of spirit essence, then you'll gain the Malleate Spirit feat plus 2000 experience points.

3 - Locked Door

You'll need a key to open these doors. You can get the key from Master Inarus (#5).

4 - Storeroom

You'll encounter three dread wraiths in this storeroom. You'll also find an Astral Rodent Charm inside a crate here.

5 - Master Inarus' Classroom

When you enter the classroom, Master Inarus will ask you to demonstrate your spirit-eating ability. If you do so (by feeding on a soul, a spirit, or an undead creature) then Inarus will give you a keyring that you can use to open several locked doors in the Academy (#3). He'll just request that you not enter the private room connected to his quarters (located in the Academy Instructors' Quarters).

Note: The conversation with Inarus can be exploited. You can refuse to demonstrate your ability as many times as you'd like, and each time you'll become more good and gain influence with Okku.

6 - Storeroom

Inside a crate here you'll find the falchion Anhur's Hand.

7 - Soul Depository

The soul depository is sort of like a library. You can view souls here (using the equipment on the southern side of the room), and you can even check souls out. When you first arrive in the Academy, you'll only be allowed to check out one soul at a time, but later you'll be able to check out more. If you talk to the caretaker golem in the center of the room, then it will explain the rules to you.

Note: It isn't possible to leave the depository with more souls than you're allowed. The "defense mechanism" isn't very powerful -- it will just hit you with cold damage -- but even if you withstand it, the game will force you to return to the depository, where the cycle will repeat itself.

You'll find five souls in the depository -- three in soul housings in plain sight, and two in the shelves. You'll need some of these souls for quests inside the Academy (such as Bebtu's quest in the Academy Instructors' Quarters and the Nefris' door quest in the Academy Headmistress' Tower).

8 - Golem Laboratory

You'll meet a student named Artesh near the entrance. He'll explain that the students have decided to use the golems in the lab in a deathmatch competition, and he'll invite you to join in. To create your own golem, you'll need to place four golem parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) plus a spirit essence into the Golem Crafting Station on the southern end of the room, and then use the Hammer of Golemcraft on it. You'll find the hammer inside the station.

You'll find some basic golem parts in the lab and also in the storeroom behind it, but to win the competition you'll probably need to track down some special golem parts. You might have discovered some of these parts during your travels leading up to the Academy, but you can find some more in the Academy as well (such as at #11). For a complete list of where to find golem parts, look here.

Note: If Safiya is in your party, then she can make the golem "more resilient."

The golem competition consists of five rounds. During each round your golem will have to defeat an opponent golem. You can repair your golem after each round (by clicking on it and choosing the "repair" dialogue option). If you put four special parts into your golem, then the battles should be pretty easy. We've won the competition using only two special parts, but some of the battles were close. If you win the competition, then you'll earn 1000 experience points, plus the gold from winning the rounds, plus an extra reward (a soul or 100,000 gold pieces) if you made a side bet with Artesh. You can use the soul in the quest for Ammon Jerro (in the Academy Instructors' Quarters).

You can also find a Construct Girdle inside the lab.

9 - Poruset's Laboratory

Master Poruset is a golem who, like Nefris, studies the altering of souls -- "splitting them, reassembling them, replicating them." You won't be able to do much with him when you first meet him, but later Poruset will help you with your quest to open Nefris' door in the Academy Headmistress' Tower.

You can also find Grips of Gond in a cauldron here.

10 - Mephit Experiment

A student here named Selkhit will explain the experiment to you. What you'll need to do is go into the room to the south, which has been divided into two parts, and operate a control box. Each time you click on the control box, the two mephits closest to the door will switch sides. Your goal is to have all of the fire mephits on one side and all of the ice mephits on the other side.

This "experiment" isn't all that complicated. It just requires some patience to sit and wait until just the right time to use the control box. Once you've gotten all of the mephits segregated properly, a Fragemented Soul will appear in the soul housing in the first room, and you'll also earn 4000 experience points. You'll need the Fragmented Soul to open Nefris' door in the Academy Headmistress' Tower.

If you're not feeling patient, then there's another way you can complete the experiment. If you attack the obelisks in the experiment room, then when you click on the control box, the obelisks will shoot lightning bolts and kill the mephits. You can then pick up the corpses of the mephits and drop all of the red ones on one side and all of the white ones on the other side. However, by solving the puzzle this way, you'll only receive 2000 experience points.

Note: If you click on an obelisk, even if you don't use it to kill any of the mephits, then you'll only receive 2000 experience points.

11 - Dining Room

You'll find Weighted Golem Arms inside a crate in this room.

  1. Exit to Thaymount.
  2. Stairs down to the Academy Instructors' Quarters. If you only see a black doorway here instead of the room with the staircase, then you'll need to use the keyboard to move your character into the doorway. When you get there, the room should appear.
  3. Stairs up to the Academy Headmistress' Tower.